Monday, August 16, 2010


Roxelle has the most unique sounding "baby voice". She is actually kind of low register monotone most of the time. And she RARELY shows any emotion or influx in her voice when she speaks. She is very straight forward. Her words get mixed up, but she says things so pointedly and looks right at you like you should know exactly what she's talking about.
We just have the following "conversation":

(all the kids are outside) Roxelle saunters in the back door (in her pigeon-toed stride), by herself, without shoes, with Brinlee's pink and black plaid painters hat on, backwards. Snot crusted up and down her face. She says something unintelligible, but I take the fact that she came in by herself to mean that she needs to go potty.

I was listening to voicemail on speakerphone and she asks:

"Who dat?"
me: "..."
R: "MOM. Who dat?"
me: "a message"
R: "Oh... I go aaside (outside)"
And she goes to the door, so I follow.
She starts to walk out the garage without shoes.
me: "Hey, you need shoes."
R: "O-goss." (Oh gosh)
I put on her shoes.
me: "Where's Brinlee?"
R: "Oh. Bimbee up-ee da hill."
She says as she saunters (deliberately swinging one arm faster than the other) out of the garage.
Me watching amused.
R: "See-ya mom"
I follow her quietly to see where she's going because I don't hear the other kids. She saunters (arm still going) to the end of the driveway before she realizes that I'm several feet behind her. She turns around and says:
"What, mom?"
I laugh and call to Brinlee. She is, indeed, at the "top of the hill". I tell her to watch Roxelle and so Brinlee calls her to come.
R: "Comeen, Bimb."

These are the times when I wish I could download the video/sound memory in my head so I can replay it over and over again. Only a baby girl with 4 older sisters could have that much deliberate attitude!!