Friday, September 14, 2012

First Lookers

Our Realtor called last night to say that after almost 3 weeks someone FINALLY wants to look at our house!! I went into severe cleaning mode, but the kids were NOT having it. They had other ideas of slacking off and making new messes on top of the existing ones.. GRR!

This morning I blew off my workout at the gym because I knew I had so much to do, plus get the kids ready for school. Will worked last night and decided to stay for one of their lame monthly meetings this morning, so I didn't have any help coming for who knows how long! I asked the girls repeatedly, in kindly tones I might add, to please please please help me. Still they refused.

Asia was supposed to have rinsed the dishes and loaded the dishwasher last night as part of her kitchen chore and she had not done it. I asked her more than once to please take care of it this morning. She came to start doing 2 minutes after they were already supposed to be out the door. Double GRR!!

I drive Mariah to school behind every slow driver and get stopped at every last stop light, going and coming. I get back home to see that the kitchen is still a mess, someone had smashed banana into the carpet, the bonus room had every type of toy you can imagine and garbage paper scraps strewn across the floor, plus the clean and ironed clothes I had asked them to hang up LAST NIGHT were crumpled in a pile, the downstairs toilet was clogged, and the dog had thrown up on the carpet (she has NEVER done that before...why did her first time HAVE to be this morning?!!) Triple GRRRR!!!

It's 9:15. The lookers are coming at 10. I shoved all the dirty dishes into the dishwasher in hap-hazard piles. When no more would fit, I put the rest into the oven. (Seriously.) I ran (literally) around the downstairs with the vacuum. Sprinted around the bonus room, screaming at Roxelle to help or get out of the way. Flushed the downstairs toilet every time I went past; praying it would flush down (I don't do plungers in addition to NEVER cleaning the toilet!). All the while sweating my brains out!

At 9:47, the ironing board was still out. Asia had graciously left her pile of cleaned and ironed clothes on the couch, the vacuum needed to be put away and Roxelle had made new crumb mess on the kitchen counter. And Will was STILL not home. I shooed Roxelle and Grant out the backdoor to the neighbors so I could finish and make some nice finishing touches....

I know, cheesy!

At 9:58 I was done and out the back door. The plan was to hang out with my neighbor, Elena, in their backyard to let Roxelle play with Angela and Grant could wander around.

I didn't hear the lookers pull up, but around 1o:06, I asked where Roxelle and Angela went. I assumed they went inside. I went around the front of the house to see them in the driveway with their dollies and beyond that I see the lookers and their Realtor leaving. I thought to myself "that's weird...they weren't here very long.."

I went inside and they didn't even touch the cookies! :( Bad sign. They must not have liked the house.

Long story, short. My Realtor calls me an hour ago to say that the buyers Realtor followed up with her to say they didn't even go in the house because "The homeowners 2 little girls answered the door and said their parents weren't home. We contemplated calling the police." WHAT?!!!!!

Turns out that sometime between 9:47 and 9:58, Roxelle and Angela had come into the house unbeknownst to me and were in there when I sneaked out the back. As I was asking Elena where they were, they were coming out of my house to Elena's driveway, which is where I found them. SERIOUSLY WANT TO STRANGLE SOMEBODY!! I feel like I'm living in the Twilight Zone these past few weeks.

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