Tuesday, June 30, 2009

High Rise Livin'

Several hours ago we
pit stopped in Sutherlin, OR and this is
what we saw at the back of the service station.
Up on blocks.
Built in porch and awning.

On the road

Well, we were supposed to leave tomorrow on our 15 day road trip, but Will got MDO'd and so we thought we'd get a head start. The bad news? I hadn't even started packing! I raced around all morning throwing things in and checking my lists. We got hung up at the Wal-Mart pharmacy on the way out of town. I had to have a couple of things filled before leaving. We were there for 2 hours! It was frustrating, but we finally got on the road around 2 pm.

We headed directly south on I-5 toward California to see Megan and Adam first. We just stopped in Medford for dinner. I thought we could save a little money by eating on the Oregon side and not have to pay sales tax. Well that back-fired because Medford has something called "city sales tax". The people of the city of Medford vote for it every year. BOOO! Oh well, it was only a couple bucks.

We are hoping to be at Megan's around midnight or 1. The girls are doing SO WELL! They've slept some and watched movies. They've switched seats a couple of times to keep it interesting and Roxelle is just chillin' in her carseat. Hope this keeps up!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mini Picnic

Even though Asia didn't finish out the school year at Mini School, we were invited to attend the end of the year picnic. (She didn't finish because they weren't out until the 24th and the other girls were done the 17th and I knew I'd be too lazy to get up in the morning just to take Asia to school AND we saved $120 bucks!)
Anyway, it was really cute. They had it at Hazel Dell park and the entire school was invited. There were a TON of people there and a TON of food! It was a potluck. DELISH!

Mariah, Asia, Brinlee, and Tatum

We were getting ready to go and I kept calling Brinlee from across the
playground to stop spinning and come on. When she didn't after a
couple of calls, I went over to find that she couldn't stop. LOL!
She was SO DIZZY when I finally stopped her.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bloody Mess

Will and I were outside working and I came in to get something and discovered Tatum on the stairs screaming and there was a trail of blood all up and down!

The video is kinda long (over 2 mins), but the last 45-50 seconds when I start talking to Tatum is pretty funny and it explains what the heck happened!! Poor baby.... :(

Sunday, June 21, 2009

baby daddy


We ended up spending the night in Woodburn because my mom had a surgery earlier in the week. Since she was supposed to stay down in bed we thought we'd bring her a little entertainment...US! LOL
Will had to work on Saturday, but thankfully had Sunday off. Woodburn 1st Ward gave a cool hand-out. The youth read a scripture with the word "sickle" and then they handed out these bottles of liquid soap with a hard plastic card shoved inside with quotes about "hands". Around the neck of the bottle was a tag that said for each "Pop" in the ward to go to the kitchen after the block of meetings and recieve his "sickle" and they handed out popsicles to all the dads. CUTE!
Will is a dedicated and hardworking husband and father. I feel very blessed to get to share eternity with him!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

9 months old

Roxelle turned 9 months old yesterday. I only got one picture of her and it was on the scale at the Dr. office. She weighs 17 lbs 10 oz and is 27 1/2 inches long

Here are some shots I took of her today.

Monday, June 15, 2009

High Fashion

We have been struggling for years with our girls wiping their noses and their faces all over their shirt. It's been especially hard to break Asia of the habit and now she's got Tatum doing it. The new punishment for getting caught wiping ANYTHING on your shirt is having your shirt removed and a napkin (if it's food) or a tissue (if it's your nose) taped on as a replacement.

She had to eat dinner like this and she
was NOT happy. (Sorry the photo is so
grainy. It was taken on my blackberry)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Plant a tree....

We have started planting the trees that were so generously given to us!! Asia has proven to be the hardest most committed worker in the yard. It's shocking that it's her and actually quiet a pleasant surprise. She is always ready to "dig in" no matter what she's wearing...notice the shoes (white, glitterly, high heeled, church sandals). Mariah was in a helpful mood in that moment, too.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mariah in Truman Idols/Talent Show

She tried out for spring drama club and made it again and she got a small speaking part this time too! She was so excited! Tonight was the performance and Will was off, so we all got to go. It was a cute show. They only 4 weeks to practice once a week. It had some bumps, but was a really fun idea!

These are the "judges"

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Long Day

This day started out so well and I boasted it on Twitter....guess I needed to be humbled, in Heavenly Father's opinion, because church was a nightmare!

Will had to work today. I got up and got our stew into the crock pot, set the bread maker, and got all 6 of us ready for church with 20 minutes to spare. MIRACLE!

We had 4 baby blessings in church today and that started the downfall...
Asia refused to sit quietly so I took her church bag away until after the sacrament. Still wouldn't sit quietly so I told her she is not getting it back. Starts to cry. I threaten that she won't get it back for next week either. She gives me a dirty look and huffs herself onto the bench.
Brinlee was sitting closest to the young childless couple that was lucky enough to get to sit with us this week and would NOT stopping talking (not whispering) to that poor gal (Rachel Denton).
Mariah was teasing Asia until they somehow ended with each other's shoes and Mariah hit Asia with hers.
Tatum was just flat out whiny. I was holding Roxelle and feeding her snacks. Tatum wanted to "ho-jeeee" (hold me) and so I gave Roxelle to Mariah so I could soothe Tatum. Brinlee starts whining that she never gets to hold Roxelle.
Roxelle fusses and throws herself against Mariah, so I tell Mariah to scoot down so Tatum can sit by me and I can take Roxelle. Mariah rolls her eyes and pouts, but does it. Tatum starts to freak out because she wants to "ho-jeeeeeeeeee".
And that was all during the baby blessings.
THEN, the sacrament starts. Asia has her feet on the back of the other bench and is clicking her heels on the hymn holder. I make Brinlee come to sit by me because she just won't stop talking, even though Rachel incessantly shushes her. Tatum starts to cry again because I am holding Roxelle. So I passed Roxelle to Rachel and put Tatum on my lap. She still won't stop crying. I popped her discretely on the bum which worked.
Just after the water part, Tatum starts with the whining about wanting "hahgum" (hot gum). So I reach to get it and she says "I no want tiny, I want huge". I tell her no that Mariah gets to have some too and there's only 1 piece. She's starts yelling "I want HUUUUGE" and crying, so I get up to take her out, even though the boys were not done passing yet. I took her in a corner and popped her on the bum again. I told her she needs to be quiet and that she cannot have a whole piece of gum and if she doesn't want a half then she gets none.
When the sacrament was over, I went back in to sit down and caught Asia leaning over the bench to retrieve her confiscated church bag. She looks guiltily up at me and says "hug?" as she hands me her bag back. I hissed at her to sit.down. and she starts to cry...LOUDLY, just as Mariah and Brinlee start tattling jibberish on each other to me and Tatum begins with the gum again.
I packed them all up and hurried them out of the chapel. I had Roxelle in her car seat over one arm and all the church bags and diaper bag over the other all the while pulling Tatum along by the front of her shirt AND we were sitting 3rd row from the front, so I could feel all eyes watching us. SO EMBARRASSING!
I sat them all on the same couch in the foyer, shoulder to shoulder and made them sit quietly, arms folded for the rest of the meeting. Even Roxelle sat contentedly in her car seat. Tatum kept telling me she wanted to go see "Aunty in nurshey".
I got a lot of "Are you okay's" and "Aww I feel for you's" after the meeting. So glad this day is almost over.