Saturday, June 4, 2011

Oh brother.

Conversation between Tatum (4) and I while Grant was in the bath.

Tatum: Can you get him out so I can dump the water from his tub?
Me: Just a sec, I need to wash his bum and penis.
T: It's called a weenie, mom.
Me: Oh really? Who told you that?
T: Hannah. (her cousin, 3)
Me: Hmmm. Why was she talking about weenies?
T: Because Colby has one. (Hannah's brother, 1)
Me: Oh. Well, where was Colby?
T: Taking a nap at Grandma's house. We were upstairs in Grandma's bathroom.
Me: .......


Friday, June 3, 2011

From BABY girl to BIG girl :(((

My baby girl is growing up! :((( She is my only girl that doesn't have her ears pierced. I have never let any of their hair get this long before the first trim. I don't want her to grow up! But, since I haven't invented that time stopping machine, I guess I will have to let her.




She was a little freaked out by holding her hair at first.
Oh my gosh, she looks so much like Megan!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


A few weeks ago Will, Grant and I flew to Kansas City, MO to see my brother, Ross, graduate from medical school (KCUMB).
It was so much fun to go and see family.
My sister, Megan lives in St. George, KS (near Manhattan, KS).
They are only about 2 hours apart from each other.
Chelsea, Hannah, Colby, my parents and us all flew out there on the same flight and Paula flew out at the same time from Vegas.
We flew into Kansas City, MO and then drove to Megans in a rental and Ross and Lindsay's other car.

We got to stay with Megan for 2 nights in her house and explore her cute little town.
My favorite part was going to the Friendship House and getting their home made breads and cinnamon rolls!
If it weren't for the scary tornado's that would be a really great place to live!
We headed back to Kansas City where we met up with Jay, Mike and Jackie at Ross and Lindsay's. Dad, Mom, Mike, Jackie, Megan, Adalyn, Ellie, Claire, Paula, Will, Grant and I shared 2 hotel rooms (yeah, it was a little crazy).
Jay, Chelsea, Hannah and Colby stayed with Ross, Lindsay, Braden and Cashel at their little apartment.
It was such a blast to hang out with everyone.
There is always a lot of laughing involved!
It sure does make it nice that all of can easily laugh at ourselves.
It makes the teasing a lot more fun!!

Ross's graduation was on Saturday morning and was such a great commencement ceremony!
I am very proud of Ross (and Lindsay, too) for making it through this difficult time of schooling.
On Sunday, we visited Liberty Jail visitor's center and went to Independence, Mo. Liberty Jail was very moving.
Independence was also very interesting!
On Monday, we went to Far West, MO and Adam-ondi-Ahman.
Those were both very spiritual experiences.
Will and I both really want to go back again and spend a little more time.

At around 4 am on the Saturday morning,
Grant fussed and so I fed him and went back
to sleep, when we got up to get ready for the
graduation, he would not nurse at all.
He hadn't been feeling well since we flew out.
In fact, he had projectile vomited all over
Will the morning we flew out (around 4 am)
and then again on the plane. He had a fever too,
poor guy.

He didn't nurse that day for hours.
I don't think he ever fully nursed that
day or the next day. I was so engorged
on Saturday night that I had to hand
express, since I didn't take my pump.
That was not fun. I did that several times
on Sunday and a couple times Monday.
He just did not want to nurse. He did
eat some baby food throughout the day and
would snack on cheerios, but that's it.
By the time we flew out on Monday night,
I was so uncomfortable and one spot
was starting to burn on the right side.

As soon as we got home around 10 pm,
I pumped a full 16 ounces!
But the burning only intensified.

The next morning my skin was red and
hot to the touch and swollen in that
spot. Grant was still not wanting to
consistently nurse, so I pumped each
time I tried feeding him. He didn't really
want to take a bottle either.

That day, I rubbed 1 drop of my doTerra 100% CPTG Melaleuca oil on the red spot. A website I looked at recommended Melaleuca for Mastitis. I really did not want to have to go to the dr and get an antibiotic, but it did not look promising. That night, I rubbed it again with 1 drop.

I was planning to do it again on Wednesday morning, but when I woke up, the redness was almost completely gone and so was the swelling. It was still a little tender, but not as bad as it had been. I decided not to use the oil and see what happened. By that night, it was completely back to normal in looks and only minutely tender in that spot AND Grant nursed for a complete session!!!

By Thursday, my skin was completely healed and no pain at all!!! I am so totally convinced. I love my doTerra oils!

(If you want to learn more, visit my doTerra store page. If you want to buy some oil at wholesale prices, let me know!)