Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Pump

The girls are always very intrigued by the breast pump. Particularly Asia this time. She has all kinds of questions and comments. She is at a very funny stage where she is trying to express herself in a more grown up way, but most of the time it comes out all wrong. We try not to laugh at her, especially when she's looking, but sometimes we just crack up at the stuff she says! (Like "Great Grandma Lizzie!")



Saturday, September 27, 2008

The "one week" outfit

I know it's nothing to scream about. The outfit is a set from Gymboree and was handed down to Mariah by Paula's youngest, Alexa (who is 7 months older than Mariah). It was like brand new when we got it and it still looks pretty good. We inadvertently took pictures of Mariah and Brinlee on their "one week old" day in the exact same outfit and on daddy's lap in the exact same chair. So when Asia and Tatum were born, I purposely did the same. Well, here it is a few days late.



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One Week Old

Each of the girls have worn the same exact outfit in their "one week old" pictures and have sat on Daddy's lap. Well, I am pretty sure that outfit is in a bin at Mary Lou's house and I am not going to be getting that bin until Friday =<.

My good friend Melissa Nash sent Roxelle this darling outfit from her Hula Mula clothing line and Knuckleheads Clothing logo pacifier. THANKS MELISSA!!






Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Great-Grandma "Lizzie"

My Grandma Woolsey (my mom's mom) was here for 10 days and was really glad to have been here to see Roxelle. She flew home today, but before she left she got out her harmonica and played for Tatum and Asia. She also let them have turns blowing on it. All day, Asia has been talking about Great-Grandma "Lizzie". I guess that's how she hears "Woolsey". *???* LOL



Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 2 & 3

Roxelle slept really well for her first night. I fed her and couple of times and the nurse had to come in all night, of course, but all in all it went well. Will slept on the pull out couch in the hospital room. It looked so uncomfortable. Every time I was up, he was tossing and turning.

It was a partly cloudy day. The 17th had been a beautiful clear sunny day. The 18th was just a little gray. My mom, Grandma Woolsey (mom's mom), and Asia came to visit. Tatum stayed home with Chelsea to nap and the other girls were at school. Asia was being so funny about the baby. She didn't want to look at her or hold her. When my mom sat on the couch next to her holding the baby, she scooted way over to the other side. She wasn't being silly or ornery, but she kind of seemed like she was nervous or didn't know what to do or think. It was cute, though.

Bryan and Ellene came with their 4 kids in the afternoon. They brought Roxelle a Bumbo!!! I was so glad. I had to leave mine in HI because I just couldn't fit it in. I am so happy to have one again! I so wish I'd had one with ALL my kids.

After the Lomax's left, we talked about names since we hadn't picked one yet. I gave Will the list I had been putting together, but I had been thinking about Roxelle for a long time. He said he didn't really like it because it reminds him of that movie "Roxanne" with Steve Martin. I said I had never seen that movie and he said he hadn't either. *???* He said he liked the name Liv, which was on the list, but he "didn't know". So I said that I like Roxelle and that he named the last 2 (I'd have named Asia, Dakota and Tatum, Elle). Then we talked about middle names. I liked Rianna and Kaya, but he didn't really care, so I went with Rianna.

Around 6, Chelsea brought all the girls and Hannah to visit. It was a little wild, but the girls were SO excited. They all wanted to hold Roxelle at once. Will was having a fit because they wouldn't sit down and be quiet. I was getting frustrated because they were just excited and he wouldn't leave them alone. They were there for about an hour and then Will helped Chelsea out to the car.

Will had said he was going to go ahead and get himself ready to go home after the kids left since he had to work the next day. The thought of being by myself all night was making me panic! I was trying not to be a big baby, but by the time he came back up from helping Chelsea, I was in tears. I was also really sad that he hadn't even tried to switch days for tomorrow so that he could be the one to bring us home. The nurses had said that I could delay my check out time so that he could see if he could get done early, but he said there probably wasn't going to be a way for him to leave early. He stayed with me until about 8 and then left. I couldn't stop crying. I felt like such a baby!!

Roxelle was a little fussy early in the night and wouldn't sleep. I was exhausted! She finally settled in and slept well.

In the morning, I just hung out with Roxelle. In the late morning, the nurse did all the paperwork and what not. They took Roxelle to take her pictures and I talked to Will at 1:00-ish and he said he was too busy to try and get off early. So I called my mom to see if she could come and pick us up. I was so sad. Monica and Mary Lou came shortly after that and I was in tears again. They stayed for quite a while and waited with me until my mom got there.

When I was discharged, the hospital gave us a gift bag with a tray of Lasagne for my family for dinner. It also included salad, rolls, cookies and a bottle of sparkling cider. I was so excited! That was so nice and thoughtful of them! Overall, I was very pleasantly surprised by my experience with Newberg Hospital.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Roxelle Rianna Erickson

She is finally here!! Roxelle Rianna (Ree-ann-uh) arrived on Sept 17th @ 8:25 pm. She weighed in at 8 lbs 7 oz and 20.25 inches.

And here's the "rest of the story..."

We arrived in Newberg at 10 and got checked in. My nurse, named Mary Grace, had a senior nursing student with her, so things didn't go a quickly as I had hoped. Dr Emmons, who was very nice, came in around 10:30 or 11 and told the nurses to do antibiotics, then start the Pitocin, then she'd come back and break my water and then see how it goes from there. She did an exam and said that I was almost dilated to a 2, 50% effaced, and that she could feel the top of the baby's head really well.

By 12, they were finally putting in my IV. Dr. Emmons came back when the 2nd bag of Penicillin was 1/2 in and thought I'd be done by then (me, too!). I don't know what she said to the nurse, but they hurried things along after that. I also asked if I could have my epidural before they broke my water, just in case. They said that was fine. The CRNA came in around 2:30 to place the epidural. By then, I'd had the Pitocin for about an hour. I was having contractions, but nothing serious. The CRNA gave me a button thing-y so that I could control my own pain management.

Around 3:30, Dr. Emmons came in and wanted to know if I wanted her to break my water. I told her that my mom would be arriving around 4, if we could wait just a little longer. She said that would be fine, but that it would probably be the on-call midwife would be the one to do it since she was done at 4:30.

My mom arrived around 4 and the midwife, Jodi, came in just after that to check me and said that she didn't feel comfortable breaking my water because the baby was not down in my pelvis and I was still only dilated to a 3. I didn't say anything, but I started to panic because Jodi was almost talking like she was going to send me home if I didn't progress. Dr. Emmons ended up coming back to the hospital around 4:20 and didn't even check me, she just broke my water and left. (PHEW!!) There was meconium in the water.

Around 5:30, I had really started to be able to feel my contractions and that little button thing-y was NOT helping. I had pressed it the maximum of 3 times per hour and I could feel every single cramp and ache there was! They had paged the CRNA several times, but he was just coming out of surgery. He didn't come back in until almost 7:00. He said that my epidural had "slipped" and all the medication that had been dispensed by the button thing-y was pooling under my skin creating a bubble there. He went to place it again and hit a blood vessel, so he had to take that one out and go again. My contractions were OUT OF CONTROL. I have never endured labor that long. I feel for those that go without drugs at all! Finally, the numbness washed over my legs and the pain was less and less. *SIGH* Around 7:40, the new nurses came on. 2 of them came rushing in and were trying to find the baby on the monitor. I guess her heart rate kept dropping with each contraction and they were trying to get it under control. I didn't know until after I delivered that one of the nurses had put this cord thing in there and, like a corkscrew, put it into the baby's scalp. Apparently, this gives a more accurate and steady reading of the baby's heart rate.

(WARNING!! TMI ahead!!!)

Just before 8, Ellene (Will's sister) arrived. Jodi said I could start pushing any time. She also let Will gown up and help deliver. Just as we were about to start, Chelsea made it. They had both asked me before hand if they could come and be there. I pushed about 6 or 7 times (the most I'd ever done). I told Jodi that the pushing didn't feel like it had with the others. I didn't feel like I was doing anything and I was EXHAUSTED! Then I asked if I could use stirrups. That made all the difference. One more push and there she was!! The minute I saw her chubby little face, I said "Oh my gosh, she looks just like Tatum!"

Will cut the cord and they took her directly to the warmer and to the care of the pediatrician whom they had called in ahead of time since there was meconium in the water. She immediately pooped again and then pee'd everywhere! I could hear the nurse saying "I'm gonna get a diaper on this girl, now!"

It was so amazing. Chelsea and Ellene were so great! I could almost see the whole experience in their expressions. They just looked awed or something. I can't think of the right word. I'm glad they both made it in time. Monica walked in just minutes after she was born. She had tried to make it, but ended up feeding Rennick before she left and just missed it.

When they brought her to me, I couldn't believe she was there in my arms! It was such a surreal experience. My life is upside down right now and here's this new tiny spirit entering into the middle of it. I feel so blessed!

p.s. I will post more about the days that followed later.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby Shower

Tomorrow's the big day!!!

My mom and Chelsea decided to put together a shower for me with the ladies in the ward. It was really nice and I got some things that I really needed, including a carseat and lots of diapers and wipes!! Thanks everyone!

Cheryl Nelson, Lacey Stitt, Beva Shepherd, Fong Cha, Angie Stucki and Marisa Stucki

Lisa Saunders (w/Rebecca Hedrick), Kristy, Cheryl Nelson, Lacey Stitt

Janet Stitt, Tricia Christiansen, Alfrieda Fackrell

Grandma Woolsey, Sue Wyatt and her mom


Marisa and Hannah

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Week in Pictures

Will took this picture of me before church last Sunday. (only 10 more days!!)

Fashion Week Continues....

Photobucket notice the shoes...

such a little poser!


She got her wish of NO MATCHING!
(not on the same day anyway)

Brinlee finally took mine and Grandma's advice of wearing something more weather appropriate.
It has been so hot these last few weeks and they each go to PE class every single day!

Tatum is growing into such a big girl. She dressed herself and did her own hair, then she wanted me to put Asia's Little Mermaid back pack on her. A little later, I couldn't resist snapping a couple of pics of her wearing Asia's slippers and toting one of her many "babies" around.

Photobucket Photobucket

Friday, September 12, 2008


Not even an hour after that last post, Dr. Burgoine's office called to ask me if I've decided which hospital I wanted to deliver at. (HUH?!) I told them that I am planning on delivering at Meridian Park. She said "Well, your insurance won't cover you there because Meridian Park in not a Providence preferred hospital." (Providence is who Will's new job is through and our insurance just started through them on Sept. 1). She suggested that I could deliver at Newberg Hospital.(NEWBERG??!) She said that Dr. Burgoine has an office in Newberg or something like that. I asked if Dr. B delivers at Newberg. She told me no. She says that Dr. B will speak to his associates and someone will call me in a few days. I told her that I just saw Dr. B this morning and we scheduled my induction for 7 am on Wednesday morning AT Meridian Park. She said "Oh....ok......hold on for just a moment". (Here I am on hold totally FREAKING out). She comes back on and says that Dr. B is talking to his associates and I will receive a call soon. So then Dr. B calls me himself and says that he talked to Dr. Emmons in Newberg and she agreed to do my induction on Wednesday at Providence Newberg Medical Center (about 30 minutes NW of Woodburn. He said he was really sorry and I told him that it really isn't his fault. He said that Dr. Emmons is really great and I said "I'm sure she is, but this really sucks. I guess I don't really care, or not that I don't 'care', but I guess I have no choice at this point." He told me they already talked to the hospital and that I needed to be there at 10 am.
I told Will that I refused to go to Newberg until I see it in person for myself. So he logged on to the Providence website and there were pictures of the Newberg facility there. It actually looks pretty new. I guess they totally remodeled it a few years ago and all of the pictures make it look pretty decent. I didn't even know there was a hospital in NewbergI feel a little better, but STILL! This is exactly why I waited all summer to see a doctor because I didn't want to start with another one and then have to change at the last minute. I guess this can't get any more last minute. GRR!!

baby update

I had my final doctor appointment this morning. We are all set and scheduled for induction on the 17th (next Wednesday). The reason I am being induced is that since my last labors have gone so quickly, Dr. Burgoine (who is totally awesome, btw) is worried that if I go into labor on my own that I won't make it to the hospital in time, or that I won't have time to recieve proper anesthesia. Plus, I am pretty sure this baby is already HUGE. Dr. B says by next week I am probably on track for having a mid 8lb-er. I couldn't imagine how much bigger she'd be if we waited another whole week! YIKES!
It is so surreal to me. I have been so busy and caught up with life that it just doesn't seem real that I am giving birth in just 5 days! We are all very excited and can't wait to welcome this new addition to our family!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

"Fashion" Week

The girls had a great first week at school. We had a few mishaps with the bus ride home, but it's all worked out and now the bus drops them off right at Grandma's driveway! Mariah said, with a huff of disgust, "I told that bus driver that we are supposed to be dropped off at the corner by the dead grass". Which is the corner of Vanderbeck and Boones Ferry just a couple houses down. LOL!! Now they switched the whole route so that they can drop them at the driveway.

I tried really hard to let them choose what they wanted to wear and pick their own stuff. Much to Mariah's dismay, Brinlee ended up picking the coordinating thing to Mariah's to wear all week. Mariah kept saying "I HATE MATCHING!!"




Photobucket Photobucket

Thursday, September 4, 2008

baby update

I had another doctor appointment this morning. I was also scheduled to do a 3 hour glucose test because the one I took last week "failed". It was such a mess. I got to the dr. office for my appt at 8:20 and they said the dr. got stuck at the hospital and would be about 45 minutes behind, which is fine, I totally understand they have busy schedules, but my glucose test was at supposed to start at 9 and I had to arrive at the test having fasted all night. So the nurse told me to go ahead to the lab and then come back to their office after the test was complete. She said the dr. would be there till about noon.

So I checked in at the lab at 10 to 9 and waited....and waited. At 10 after 9 the registration desk calls for me to give my insurance and other info. Then I waited some more. At 9:15, I went to the reception desk where there is a sign posted saying that if you've waited 10 mins. after your appointment time, to let them know. I told her that I'd been waiting since 10 mins. before my appt and that I was nearing the 10 hour fasting limit (I was hungry and DYING of thirst!!!) AND that my doctor would only be in until noon and I needed to see him today, too. She said she'd let them know. I waited 5 more minutes (which is like an eternity when you're shaking and hungry AND pregnant) and then told the gal at the desk that I would have to reschedule. As it was, I wouldn't have been able to complete the full 3 hours and still be able to see my doctor. So she told me to go knock on the lab door and tell them the situation. When I knocked, 2 guys (presumably phlebotomists) answered and there was a girl, a tech or something standing in the back and there were no other patients in there. I told them that I would need to reschedule and the older guy of the 2 asked, "Why?" I told him that I still needed to see my dr. by noon and that I only had a sitter until 12:30 (which wasn't entirely untrue...they were with my mom, but SHEESH she has things to do, too). I wanted to tell him off and ask why I'd been left to sit for 40 minutes all pregnant and hungry (BOO HOO!), but I didn't and I went back up to my dr. office.

By then, I was laughing and told the nurse the whole story and she was furious that they made me wait. She kept apologizing a million times, which I kept assuring her that it wasn't her fault. She felt so bad that she ended up brining me some apple juice and soda crackers. And a few minutes after that the dr. arrived at the office and they sent him to me first! He kept apologizing, too, but then I started to feel bad because they were feeling so guilty for some odd reason.

Anyway, after all that, he checked me and I am only about a finger tip size dilated. He said that he would call the hospital and check his schedule for the 18th and let me know.

I have been having a lot of contractions lately. This little baby is SUPER active. She does these really interesting little flutters with her feet (I assume). The dr. said she is not breech anymore, so that's good. I can't believe there are only potentially 2 weeks to go! YIKES! I get fluttery just thinking about it!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ABC ~ 123

Yesterday was the girls' first day at Lincoln Elementary. I used to go to that school building, but it was the 5th and 6th grade middle school when I went there. It was like a blast from the past. There even 1 or 2 faces that I recognized. SCARY! LOL

Mariah is in 3rd grade and has Ms. Cheever as her teacher. Because the school is so overcrowded, as most schools, her classroom is in one of those trailers that they brought in for more space.


Brinlee is in 1st grade and has Ms. Weigel. She is the only non dual immersion teacher in the 1st grade. Woodburn Schools offer a program that teaches 1/2 the curriculum in English and the other 1/2 in Spanish. I think it's alternating days and subjects. It's called the Dual Immersion Program, but I opted my kids out since they won't be in this school very long. Her friend Anna Cook from the Ward is in her class, too.


They got to go and do some of their own school clothes shopping this year. It was really hard for me to really let them choose what they wanted, but I felt it is important for them to choose their own style. I "guided" them, of course. =p This dress was one they both chose at the same time in the store and immediately both said they wanted to wear it the first day. They just liked that it came as a complete outfit with the leggings and necklace included. After I got them ready, I thought they were slightly reminiscent of the Adamms Family, but they chose it, so everyone was happy! LOL

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