Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Baptism Preview

This past Sunday the ward did a baptism preview for all the kids that will be turning 8 this year. We left Asia and Brinlee with Andrea Allen and just took Mariah and Tatum. Tatum had gone to nursery for the first time that day, even though she is still 17 months, and she'd had enough trauma for one day.
Anyway, the program was really cute. They had several primary teachers and the presidency give small talks about baptism, confirmation, how the baptism will actually work, and then about scouts/activity days.
Mariah turns 8 on Feb 5 and that will be her first activity days activity. She is SO excited!
While we were at the meeting. Tatum was playing with the program that had a pencil sketch cariacature of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus. Tatum brought it over to me and was saying Deeshuh, Deeshuh. I couldn't figure out what she was saying until she pointed to the front of the program and said it again. I asked Will if he taught her that and he said no. I couldn't believe that she was recognizing Him, especially since it wasn't a real painting or photo. Then when I pointed to John the Baptist, she called him Daddy. LOL!!


((WARNING! Possible 'TMI' ahead ;>))

So this is probably going to be a long one. I have a lot on my mind about this subject and haven't told very many people (outside of my close friends here) that we have been trying to have another baby since, pretty much, last March. I stopped nursing Tatum right around then and had known for a few months before that, that I was ready to have another. I realize that this can be a sensitive subject and that I might end up sounding selfish,'ve been warned! Thinking

Now I know what most of you are thinking.....IS SHE CRAZY?! Isn't 4 enough? What is she complaining about? Well, those are ALL valid questions and I realized that yes, I might sound crazy and 4 is enough for most people and I don't have a lot of room to complain, BUT we have known since Tatum was born that we are not done having kids that we want at least 2 more and I am NOT getting any younger and I DON'T want to be 40 (even 35 really) and still having kids.

I have never had problems getting pregnant in the past. In fact, with almost all of them, we have planned it out and been pregnant within a few weeks time. The only exceptions are with Tatum and Asia. I wanted to get pregnant with Asia in Dec '03, but didn't so then I got some ovulation predicters and got pregnant in Jan '04 instead. Then, I had one miscarriage in Oct of '05 and then was pregnant with Tatum by Thanksgiving. So it has been extremely frustrating for me not to get pregnant when I planned too. I was actually hoping to have given birth by now.

To back up to around March, I was talking to my friend, Kapua Kai, and she was saying that she and her husband had been tossing around the idea of having another one soon (they have 4 girls, also, all the same ages as ours, except their youngest is almost a year older than Tatum) and so I was all excited thinking that she and I would be pregnant together. Well, like 3 weeks later, she called and told me she was pregnant and then a couple weeks after that our other friend, Sheri Dano (who has 5 kids already) called to say she is pregnant too. They were teasing me because they were like, this is your idea and "Why aren't you pregnant already, miss wanna have a million kids?!" So the teasing continued for several months and my frustration continued to grow. We tried everything! I even got ovulation predictors for a couple of months in June and July and that didn't work.

By the way, Kapua gave birth to ANOTHER GIRL on Sunday the 27th of Jan.!! (Kezlee Chalei Kaomealani Kai). So I was kind of depressed, but there is a (MAYBE) silver lining. I'm not sure, but I might actually be pregnant FINALLY!!!!! I was supposed to start my period sometime a few days ago and I am rarely late. I am too cheap to go buy a test, so I just need to go to the Dr. office and do it all in one trip to make it official. I am trying not to have high hopes, but I think it's too late. I have really high hopes!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Year's Cont.

I started that post a while ago, and then got distracted and realized today that it never got published. I have pictures and such to go with it so here goes.

We spent it with the Kai Family here in Ewa. I would have to say it rates right there at the top for the best New Years we've ever had!!! The fireworks were unreal. The kids started sparklers and ground blooms around 7 and continued until almost 11. They were in and out of the house too, but there were so many fireworks to light, there was no scrimping here. We saved all the big ones for midnight. We didn't stop lighting until about 1:15 am! The entire neighborhood almost looked like it was on fire. There was so much smoke! They told us at 4th of July time that it doesn't even compare to New Years and they were RIGHT! Some neighbors close by had some of those (illegal...shhhh) aerial ones that were really cool.

Tatum and Aleena were sound asleep around 11:40 and missed the whole thing. Which was probably fine by Tatum because she was a nervous wreck all evening. She was clinging and being so funny.

It wasn't cold out, but the kids got all excited when I told them to grab a jacket (from the dark corner of the closet) and then insisted on wearing them all evening LOL!

I have all these "posts" floating around in my head that I have been meaning to sit and put on here, but I've been so busy lately, I have barely been checking my email. I will try to get to it soon! We only have 4 more months and about a week left here. Sad and exciting all at once!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Dean's List

Will got a letter this week from the University informing him that he is on the Dean's List again! He was totally stoked. Only 3.5 more months of school and he is DONE!!!

In other news, my sister, Paula, called me yesterday to say that my nephew, Tyson, just got accepted to BYU in Provo! He is super excited and will go there for one semester before serving a mission. He puts in his papers in Aug. and turns 19 in Nov. Stay tuned....

Our New Year was awesome! We got the true feel of how it goes down over here. The fireworks are bigger and even better than you could ever imagine on the 4th of July! (well, at least where we were)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

More Hula video clips

I know, I am slow! Here are a couple more video clips from their hula performances last month. These ones are from their Christmas performance at the Polynesian Cultural Center over in La'ie. Here's a link to my youtube account so you can view more video clips if you like.

Brinlee can shake her 'elemu (booty) pretty good, but Asia kinda dances to the beat of her own drum!!

(Brinlee is in the back row, kind of in center screen, Asia is on her left. Half way through the girl in front of Asia moves in front of Brinlee so you can see them both individually for a minute.)

This is the final act in the show featuring the entire studio dancing together. It is called Ua Mau and it's one of my favorite numbers! After they finish dancing they sing We Wish You A Merry Christmas and then give a warm ALOHA!

(Brinlee and Asia are in the blue and white outfits. In the foreground in the center is Liana Kai, Kauwe and Kapua's oldest daughter. When I pan across to Mariah in pink and green, She is on the very end in the 2nd row. Sorry the quality isn't very good.)