Thursday, September 24, 2009

I am so proud of you, Honey!!

Check out these 2 letters that Will received from the hospital today. One is from the Director of Human Resources and the other is from the Head Hospital Administrator.

If you click on the letters individually, they will open up into larger view.

These letters are to inform Will that he is being named the hospital wide Employee of the Month for October!!! His manager said that they will give him a party at the hospital and present him with his award. She said to invite his family, friends and well anyone that cares to come and celebrate. He needs to pick a date that he wants the party on and I will let everyone know when he does.

His floor manager, DJ, told him that this is a pretty big deal and will probably only happen once, maybe twice in his career so plan big! He even gets to choose what food to have! I am so thrilled for him! He, of course, is being very modest about the whole thing. Congratulations, Honey! You deserve it!!


*~McGarys~* said...

That is so AWSOME!! Congrats to Will for being such a hard worker. I didn't know if you got my message yesterday? We are going to moving to Sacramento CA and are stopping in Vancover to his Colby's Grandpa and Step Grandma and wanted to see you guys.

kapua said...

well OF COURSE he's the best employee there!! will is DA MAAAAN!
:) COGRATS from us!(high 5 high 5!)