Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Today I had to go grocery shopping.
I don't like going when Will's working because
I HATE taking kids with me.

I went to Wmart and Winco and because
Tatum and Roxelle both have
sneezy, goobery noses,
I was doing my part to keep them covered.
The masks help A LOT with
keeping their hands away from their mouth, too.
Believe me I wouldn't have gone
and taken them if it wasn't absolutely necessary.
But you gotta do what you gotta do.

So I am hurrying in Winco, because Roxelle has had enough. I am bagging as fast as I can and I say (kind of to myself)
"OO I hate to be the mom at the checkout with a screaming child. he he"

The woman across from me bagging in the lane facing me just kind of glared at me and I thought,

Then she says
"You know your kidding yourself
if you think that's gonna work. The
mask has to be sealed tight to prevent sickness.
So you might as well take it off and make 'him' happy".

I said (humbly) "Oh, well it does help a little."

She said "No it doesn't if it's not air tight."

I said (humbly again)
"Oh. Well, my
husband's a nurse and he insists I have them wear it".

She says, (GET THIS)
"Well maybe he should be the one at the grocery store instead of you."


Then the checkout lady called me over to ask a
question and gave me a sympathetic look.
When I went back to my business.
She was glaring again and so I said;

"Well, you know, they have icky noses and are sneezing, so I'm just trying to save everyone else from getting their germs. The masks will at least keep the snot from spraying everywhere."

She didn't respond. RUDE!

Several people at both stores made comments like "That's smart" and "Good for you" and "Thank you for sparing me the germs". One older lady in Wmart in one of those electric carts had on a mask, too. I told Tatum "look, Aunty has a mask, too". The lady was so nice telling Tatum how cool hers looked with Mickey Mouse on it. Their Peds office gives them out for free, so I snagged a couple when I was there last. Glad I did! The girls were both really good about leaving them on. Roxelle got over it toward the end and refused to leave it put, but for the most part she didn't even bother it. Tatum didn't take hers off at all.


The Prices said...

That lady is so RUDE! If they don't work at all then why do doctors and nurses use them. And why do they hand them out to you when you go to the doctors office if you have a cough!! Give me a break!!

Carrie Jeffrey said...

you rock kj! just keep your chin up - moms get too much misdirected criticism. follow your gut and ignore the ignorant...