Saturday, June 4, 2011

Oh brother.

Conversation between Tatum (4) and I while Grant was in the bath.

Tatum: Can you get him out so I can dump the water from his tub?
Me: Just a sec, I need to wash his bum and penis.
T: It's called a weenie, mom.
Me: Oh really? Who told you that?
T: Hannah. (her cousin, 3)
Me: Hmmm. Why was she talking about weenies?
T: Because Colby has one. (Hannah's brother, 1)
Me: Oh. Well, where was Colby?
T: Taking a nap at Grandma's house. We were upstairs in Grandma's bathroom.
Me: .......



Erickson Family said...

That is so funny mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erickson Family said...

I wonder why Hannah just said it out of nowhere.Or did she?I wonder why Hannah says that anyhow.