Friday, September 14, 2012

testing from new email address

I need to find out if this new email address is linked with our family blog account.  Sorry for the inconvenience!


Kristy said...


Finally tracked you down! Ive been getting your emails for years as my maiden name is kristy erickson. I have and i constantly get emails for you to, which i guess must be similar to your email? i use my married name now, but i kept my old email address and they all get automatically forwarded to me.

if you email me i will forward them all to you if you like.

Kristy said...

Just left a comment and i think it got lost :(

My maiden name is kristy erickson, and for years i have been getting emails intended for you. My old email is, and i get them to which i guess must be similar to your address? I contacted gmail when it first started cause i thought they were making a mistake, an they told me the full stop doesnt mean anything , you can just add it in if you want or not.

Anyway, i have tried over the years to email back to get them to pass on your correct email so i could let you know it was happening, but noone has ever responded.

My current email i use it you can email me there and i will forward them all to you.