Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Great Watermelon Massacre

Yesterday, Asia and Tatum were banished to their room until they cleaned the entire thing. They were in there from 9 am to 6:30 pm with only 1 break for lunch and 1 for dinner and the room was still not clean at bed time. I made them share a bed because I am tired of clearing a spot on the floor to drag the trundle out for Tatum to sleep on.
This morning after breakfast, around 9, I sent them back up there. At 11-ish, Asia came to report that the dress ups were all put away. I congratulated her and gave them a small snack and sent them to clean the rest.
At 1, they came down whining and I asked if it was clean. "Nooo." So I took them back up there to find that a Barbie doll and accessory explosion had occurred. Plus the Polly Pockets and all their teeny weeny pieces were still out along with other random toys and books. (It's been a long standing rule in our house since Mariah was very little that they are not allowed to mix and play with their toys. They can play Polly's, but have to put them away if they want to play Barbie's or dress-ups, etc. If they break that rule then those 2 or more sets of offending toys are banished for any given number of days).
I yelled a little (ok...a LOT) and told them to clean. it. up.!!!!
So Asia came down around 1:45 to report that the Polly's were all picked up. I told her I would cut her some watermelon, but she had to go put the bin in the closet first. So she hurried off to do it. Well I didn't hear her come back down and a little while later Mariah came into the living room and said "Asia made a mess of the watermelon".....

It was whole with only the very end cut off. And,
YES, that's the knife she was using. And, YES,
they ate what is missing. UUUGGHH!!!!!

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