Tuesday, August 4, 2009

National Neighborhood Night Out

The first Tuesday in August each year is National Neighborhood Night Out. I had asked around to find out if our neighborhood does it and no one had heard of it, so I decided to put one together for the people on our street.

We had a pretty good turn out and my neighbor, Lola Downs, let us use her big open field as the staging area. It was potluck and we had a great time!

Lola Downs, Roxelle, Kristy

Our next door neighbors Vitaliy, Elena and baby Angela (Alvena not pictured)

"Uncle" JR Roberts brought some friends for the kids to see.

Erickson girls manning the sign in table (Artem and Vitaliy pictured)

After all the festivities, we were cleaning up and I caught 10 mo old Roxelle, who barely even crawls, trying to climb the stairs. She actually makes a pretty good attempt!

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