Sunday, March 21, 2010

Unexpected House Guest

Our neighbors, JR and Kathy Roberts (he grew up in the house that's for sale behind us) up the street have a really large property and basically a mini farm over there. They came over and surprised the girls with a baby goat. They LOVED him...of course Roxelle couldn't get enough and kept calling him a "goggie". She would look at him and clap her hands and try to coax him over to her. Even Tatum held him a couple of times and if you know her well, you know she is beyond TERRIFIED of dogs. He is 2 weeks old and they are calling him Starbuck.
My darn camera memory was full, so I only got one tiny video clip and these couple pictures, but they invited us over in a few days to see the rest of the babies and the other animals, too. Plus, they have a really cool tree house.

Roxelle loved the goat, but not so sure of "Uncle JR". LOL!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

18 months old

Yesterday was the official day that Roxelle turned 18 mos, but I didn't take a single photo, even though it was St. Patrick's Day.

She is such a fun little girl to have around. She is a cruiser and will keep herself busy most of the time. She thinks the sun rises and sets with Tatum and can be found following her around most of the time. She loves her baby dolls and LOVES books. We also think she might be our only animal lover. She loves her "doCKee's". And pretty much everything that moves on 4 legs is a doggie to her now. She has not started potty training, yet (I know, right?!!), but SOON!

She has 6 teeth on top and 2 little lone teeth on bottom. I think more are coming soon because she has been unusually fussy and drooling a lot.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Last April,
we decided that we were ready to start thinking about adding to our family. I went to the doctor to talk to her about how long it took to get pregnant with Roxelle and possible options that we have if this one starts to take as long.
(Yes, I am VERY impatient! HA HA)
In August,
I was already frustrated and called the doctor to get some advice. She decided that I should try the fertility drug Clomid. I did 3 rounds of that, to no avail.

At this point, I was tired of hanging in limbo. I wanted to lose some weight, but didn't want to
"go to the trouble"
if I was going to be pregnant anyway.

Thanksgiving Day I started my cycle AGAIN and was really frustrated. I knew that we were 5 weeks away from a trip to HI, which meant I was going to be in a swimming suit with about 15 extra lbs still hanging on.

The Monday after Thanksgiving, I decided to try a 7 day free trial at 24 Hour Fitness that somehow turned into a 3 week free trial and I ended up losing 11 lbs before Christmas! I was happy to be on the road to better health and that I'd look decent on the beach,
but still longing for another baby.

  • During the last couple of days of our trip to HI, I got that un-friendly cycle again.
    I was SO sad.
    When we got home from our trip, I told Will that if
    I am not pregnant this next time around, I was going to
    pay for a gym membership,
    lose that last 5-8 pounds,
    and be done trying.

    I kept "asking" Roxelle if she was going to be "the baby" forever. I decided in my head that we must be done. I didn't want to get any older. My body has endured 5 1/4 pregnancies already and it's telling me
    "You're DONE!"

I was laying in bed one night in mid January after the girls had gone to bed and before Will had gotten home. I was upset that I couldn't just have my way and be pregnant already. I told myself, that's IT! I am done! I don't want to hang in limbo anymore. I don't want to face another month of disappointment. I want to take my body back. I was laying there lamenting and feeling sorry for myself, when as clear as if someone standing next to me I heard
"Just be patient....."
It took me aback.
I wasn't sure if I'd just imagined it. I have never had anything that poignant happen to me before. I was sure I had made it up, until I realized that I hadn't and that I was being selfish and spoiled and just plain un-grateful for the beautiful daughters that I already do have and the good fortune I have already had in my previous pregnancies. I knew that Heavely Father wanted me to know that it would happen, but that I needed to be patient and wait until He says the time is right.

A little less than 1 month later, this is what I discovered....

I dropped to my knees in prayer to thank Heavenly Father for this wonderful blessing and I immediately took that picture with my phone and texted it to Will. He was elated! We decided to wait just a little while to tell anyone, to make sure that everything was ok.

I had my first official appointment today and everything looks GREAT! I am due on
October, 12, 2010
(but I am totally shooting for 10-10-10!!! LOL)

In case you're wondering, we'd be thrilled with a
but it would almost be a relief to have another girl. I'd hate to have to start completely over with our last baby and, YES, this is our last. :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gateway Produce

I've been meaning to go check out Gateway Produce on Andresen since we moved back here in Oct. '08. I pictured the store to be very Farmer's Market-ish or a Ma and Pa type place with displays of their home-grown goods. I get their mailers in the Val-Pak coupons and lately, I have not been able to find decent produce in the area without spending an arm and a leg at Safeway.

So today, I decided to go. It looks like a decent, clean place from the outside and when I saw the outside marquee it said; "Banana's .39/lb and Pears .09/lb"; I got excited!

I have to say that what I expected to find
and what I actually found were 2
different things.

enlarged photo off their mailer

Starting with the great things.
The banana's were, indeed, .39/lb.
The selection was small-ish and most of the selection was already very ripened. I picked through and found some small somewhat greenish bananas.
(I like banana's to be very small in size).

The pears were .09/lb,
but all 3 ginormous bins of them were very un-appealing.
There were a lot of ones on the top that were
and starting to smell fermented. I dug through and managed to find a handful of decent ones.

Another great thing is they have a "discount grocery" section. Most stuff looks very old and questionable (completely smashed boxes of brand name cereal for $1.00), but there were these 3 gigantic bins, overflowing, with ALL different kinds of candy, candy bars, and gum.
Everything in the bins was
I got 4 packs of Orbit gum
4 rolls of SweetTarts!!

(Side story about the SweetTarts. I LOVE them, but I only like the ones that come in the rolls. The ones in the box or in shapes just aren't the same texture. Every time I really want some I have to go to a random gas station and pay anywhere from $.99 to $1.20 for 1 ROLL! I was SO stoked to come across them in the bins during my digging.)

The bad thing
is that 89%-ish of the produce was wilted/molding/slimy/too ripe or just plain ugly. The inside of the store was not "farmer's market-ish" at all and looked worse than WinCo or Grocery Outlet.

I would go again for fruit and to dig in the bins for treats, but I'd need to go with some time on my hands so that I can dig.

The one pear that Asia and I just shared was pretty good. It had good texture and flavor. The bananas are fine, too.
(Pretty hard to screw up a banana, imo. LOL!)

The Fuji apples were .67/lb (not that great, imo)
Gala apples .33/lb
Cucumbers .67/ea (I know that's not a good deal, but I needed them)

This is the front and back views from last month's mailer