Sunday, March 21, 2010

Unexpected House Guest

Our neighbors, JR and Kathy Roberts (he grew up in the house that's for sale behind us) up the street have a really large property and basically a mini farm over there. They came over and surprised the girls with a baby goat. They LOVED him...of course Roxelle couldn't get enough and kept calling him a "goggie". She would look at him and clap her hands and try to coax him over to her. Even Tatum held him a couple of times and if you know her well, you know she is beyond TERRIFIED of dogs. He is 2 weeks old and they are calling him Starbuck.
My darn camera memory was full, so I only got one tiny video clip and these couple pictures, but they invited us over in a few days to see the rest of the babies and the other animals, too. Plus, they have a really cool tree house.

Roxelle loved the goat, but not so sure of "Uncle JR". LOL!!