Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mariah turns 14

It's true and I can't believe it... She is my right hand gal and is mostly always willing to step in and help out. She is a dream teenager and isn't at all what I expected the nightmarish teen years to be.  I love her to pieces and am so grateful she is mine!
The night before she chose to go to Claim Jumper for dinner.  
Just Will and I took her out.  

They sang her Happy Birthday and gave her this 
yummy cupcake!

Can you say #pinterestfail ?? LOL
She wanted that "Fault In Our Stars" cake on the left.
My version on the right....FAIL.

Package from Grandma E on her mission
in Hawaii!

Pretty necklace from the PCC in Laie, HI

She loved it despite the fail! :)

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