Friday, February 21, 2014

Greatest Illusionist Of Our Time


My friend, Monica, got us 5 free tickets to see David Copperfield at the MGM Hotel on the strip.  Since the show didn't start until 9:30 pm; I didn't want to take the younger kids.  So Mariah, Brinlee and I invited Brinlee's friend, Sam and her mom, my friend Traci Giesea.  We also met up with several families from our ward. So fun!!

Can I just say AMAZING!  The girls were totally mind blown.  It was such a fantastic show and the best part....I got to go up on stage and dance with David, help with an illusion AND he kissed my hand!! David is so charismatic and made me feel like he had known me for years.  Seriously unforgettable..

I so so wish we could have take photos and especially video during the show.  They said they have people specifically watching and if you took photos they would come and make you delete them and you would be asked to leave immediately.  I wish I had video of me on stage...I want to watch it over again!!

Sam, Halley, and Brinlee

with Mariah

All the kids

Traci Gisea, Jenn White, Me and Denise White

2 because the eyes closed in each LOL ;)

Ellie, Brinlee, Halley, Sam, and Jaycee

Rykan, Dawson, Halley, Jenn and Danny White

Denise, Jaycee, Ellie, and Bailey White

Me and my girls

Brinlee, Sam, Halley, and Ellie

Mariah and I

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