Saturday, March 8, 2014


When we moved into this ward, Brinlee joined a primary class of 5 other girls that will be turning 12 this year.  The crazy part about that is that all but one of them turn 12 in March.  The one turned 12 on Feb 19. Then one on March 9;  two on March 20; one on March 21 and Brinlee on the 22nd.  AND they all get along with each other really well!!  (We commented how they were all probably waiting in heaven together before birth and knew they would all find each other again someday... Another great reason why we needed to move to Vegas!!)

So we moms got together and decided that it would be fun to do something with all 6 of them together rather than 6 individual parties.  We got them a limo and took them to the strip to see and do all kinds of fun and crazy stuff!

Walking to the White's house

We got them all matching shirts with their 
names around the #12 and then they each
personalized theirs.

Started at the White's house for presents

Halley White, Kim Millich, Sam Giesea, Alyse Burke, Ashlyn Henriod and Brinlee

Cups filled with chocolates and a gift card to Golden Spoon
from Brinlee!

The ride!

Yeah we cool like that.

Traci and Sam Giesea - Alisa and Kim Millich - Kristy and Brinlee
Kristi and Alyse Burke - Paulette and Ashlynn Henriod - Jenn and Halley White

"MOM. It's huge!!"


"Cool. They have sparkling cider."

Firehouse Subs for dinner

That's how hott they are...

Kristy and Traci

Fremont St light show first

During the light show


Having fun

The moms livin it up, too!

Jenn, Traci, Paulette, Alisa

Kristi and Kristy


Hanging out  the windows...
Sam and Alyse

Kim, Halley, Ashlynn and Brinlee

"We gave out a pass along card!!"  
(They were handing them out the window
of the limo. LOL!)

They glow! (Brinlee's shoes)

Limo Selfie!! haha

"Oh mom."
(Kristy and Jenn)

This guy is free standing in that position. He didn't move a 
muscle for at least 20 minutes or more!!

Eiffel Tower at The Paris Hotel

Sugar Factory at The Paris for dessert

Inside Sugar Factory

Waiting patiently for our order...
(Gold "love" bracelet and ring were gifts from Sam;
hat from Alyse; glow bracelets and lei from Kim)

King Kong Ice Cream Sundae
SIXTEEN scoops!!

Jenn has a connection to the owners of The Sugar Factory and they agreed to reserve us a special section on this extremely busy Saturday.  We were so grateful, but the generosity didn't stop there.. The waiter came and told us that they wanted give us TWO King Kong Sundaes ($49.95 value EACH).  We were so surprised and decided that one would be plenty.  (We didn't want to waste and they didn't even finish the one.)   
So we decided to order some food and other desserts so that we weren't just freeloading, especially since it was Saturday and SO busy with a waiting line. 
I couldn't eat a sub at Firehouse (gluten free blah blah)  So I ordered a bunless burger and fries because I was starving and couldn't eat ice cream or any of the 3 fondue for 2 sets we ordered (sugar and dairy free...yada yada...BOO).
When I asked for my check for the burger; the waiter said "Oh. No, everything has been taken care of for you."  !!!  Seriously..what?!  We had ordered a bunch of extra stuff just to be nice and paying customers and it was all on their tab anyway!!  LOL Oops..if we had known we wouldn't have ordered so much extra or anything else for that matter...  (The total bill would have come to about $160. YIKES!)  So surprised and overwhelmed at the generosity. 
(AND btw, Jenn has hookups for EVERYTHING! She got us a smokin deal on the limo too!)

Dig in

Candyland at Sugar Factory

"Please, mom?"


The Gardens at Bellagio

NY NY Roller Coaster

Waiting for the roller coaster

We survived the wild ride!!

And the night ended here at 11:45pm
WHEW!  It was a blast and will probably never be
duplicated...  My other children will be so disappointed! lol

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