Monday, December 10, 2007

Cleaning the Toilet

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Anyone who knows me really well knows that I DON'T DO TOILETS! I have never cleaned a single solitary toilet in 9 years of marriage and I can't remember that I have ever cleaned one EVER! When we first got married I would pay Will to do it and now he lovingly and faithfully cleans all 3 once a week.
About 2 months ago, we decided that it is time for Mariah and Brinlee to clean their own bathroom. So Will showed them how to properly clean the sink and tub. He uses a sponge and cleaning gloves to clean the toilet, but I couldn't bear to think of them doing that (plus I couldn't find gloves small enough), so I broke down and bought one of those brushes that has the flushable disposable brush head things. Anyway, every single week it is the same fight. And it's not what you think, they fight over which one of them "gets" to clean the toilet and which one "has" to clean the sink and tub. They FIGHT over who gets the privilege of cleaning the T~O~I~L~E~T!!!!! When Brinlee was throwing a fit over it earlier, I said to Will..."These are NOT my children!!"
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