Sunday, December 9, 2007


Will is getting so good at surprising me! LOL! Yesterday was my birthday and I got up first thing to go to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet to do some last minute Christmas shoppping. Then Will picked me up with the kids and we ran some errands. Will is desperately looking for a Nintendo Wii for Christmas, he has been staking out electronic stores for weeks. So we went to a few different stores to ask about the Wii, but to no avail.

We came home around 1:30-ish and just sat around. I decided to work on some sewing and the kids were playing outside. Around 4:30 Mariah came in to ask something and I heard Will tell her to stay close because we were leaving soon???? I was trying to think if I forgot we had somewhere to go.

At 6 we all loaded up in the car and ran to Foodland. I waited in the car with the girls and he went in (I kinda thought he was probably getting the Andes mint chocolate ice cream cake I'd been craving). Then we headed back into our neighborhood. All kinds of speculations were flying through my head and I figured we were probably headed to Kai's for dinner (since we hadn't eaten yet). When we turned the opposite way toward Allens, Will said.."Oh, we're gonna dump the kids off first..."

When we got to Allen's he asked me if I wanted to help him get the kids inside, I was highly suspicious. When I walked in I saw Kauwe Kai and Andy Wheeler sitting inside and all the kids were playing. The girls (Kapua, May and Andrea) were in the kitchen cooking. I was TOTALLY surprised. It was really casual. We all ate and sat around talking while the kids pretty much destroyed the bedrooms upstairs. May made some super YUM Hmong food and Kapua and Andrea made chicken salads and coconut shrimp. It was all so good!

Kai's gave me a foot spa massaging tub and some pedicure products. I was like YEEEeeeSSS! I need a pedi! ha ha ha!

I love surprises! Thanks honey! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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