Friday, December 7, 2007

Brinlee's crush

So I mentioned a few weeks ago that we suspected that Brinlee had a crush on Ammon Olayan, who is in her kindergarten class at school and also her class at church. Well, it is true. We went to his little sister, Liahona's birthday party last weekend and their mom, Temple, was telling me how Ammon always says that Brinlee tries to hold his hand and he says no, but she holds it anyway *EYES-ROLLING*! WE are in BIG trouble!!! LOL

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Ammon, Brinlee, Liahona (at Tatum's 1st birthday party in August)

Things have been SUPER busy around here. I have been sewing like mad trying to get these hula costumes ready for their first performance next week. We had their first fitting tonight and every single one fit great. Only 2 needed to have the bust taken in because they are only 11-13 year olds, so, of course most of the 13 year olds fill it out, while the 11 year olds don't. I was SO glad that I wouldn't have to do a ton of taking in and letting out. I have also been sewing mine and the girls pa'u for our Christmas pics and our stockings.

Yesterday, I went on Brinlee's Kindergarten field trip to the Honolulu Art Academy. We were supposed to go to the Honolulu Hale Christmas display, too, but it has been raining so much and so hard here that it was just too muddy and wet to go. So we went to the art academy and it was FANTASTIC!! I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think the kids did, too. They have a display there that is from 15th and 16th century Italy that depicts the virgin Mary and baby Jesus. There are several paintings, sculptures and tapestries. The little old lady that was our tour guide was so sweet and so GREAT with the kids. She really knew how to hold their interest.

After the art tour, they took us to the basement where another cute lady, dressed as one of Santa's elves, did a puppet show and some magic tricks. She was SO GOOD! The kids absolutely LOVED her! I was really pleased with how the whole thing went.

After the field trip, I went to the Young Shoppers Club store that they have set up at the school for the holidays for the kids to shop at for presents for family and friends. I was there until 2 and then came straight home to sew until dinner. Then I sewed until just before midnight, when I was too blurry-eyed to see. I got up at 6:30 this morning to get ready to go back and volunteer at Young Shoppers Club again from 8 to 12. I came straight home from that and sewed until 3:30, which is when we had to be at the hula rehearsal.

Needless to say, I am ready for the weekend! Tomorrow morning, I am going to the Aloha Stadium swap meet to finish up some shopping. I don't think we have any plans for my birthday tomorrow. When Will asked me what I wanted, I reminded him that I got an awesome trip to Kaua'i for our anniversary that I said (after I accidentally saw his NRA credit card bill) would have to be for our birthdays this year, as well. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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