Monday, April 14, 2008

Before you eat...think!

Several years ago, I attended a Relief Society Enrichment Night in Vancouver and my friend Taryn taught a nutrition/portion size class. She had this hand out for everyone and I have always had it on my fridge. I have had friends ask for a copy, but never have done it, so I thought I would share with everyone.

Before you eat...think!

Are you really hungry or just ...

*thirsty? Drink water.
*bored? Do something.
*stressed? Relax.

If you really are hungry...
  1. Eat now before you are too hungry to make a good choice. If you're already starving, drink a BIG glass of water to fill your stomach while you prepare your meal.
  2. Pay attention to portion size.

    Meat = deck of cards
    Fruit = fist
    Milk/yogurt = tennis ball
    Cheese = thumb
    Butter = thumb tip
    Bread = one slice, 1/2 bagel
    Rice or pasta = ice cream scoop

    If in doubt, check the serving size on the label and measure.

  3. Set a limit on how much you will eat.
  4. Cook only enough for one meal.
  5. Use a small plate. Fill 1/4 with protein, 1/4 with carbs, and 1/2 with fruits and veggies.

avatar plate

While you are eating try one of these...

  1. Put your utensil down between each bite.
  2. Pause for 3 minutes.
  3. Use all of your senses to enjoy your food.
  4. Pay attention to your appetite.
  5. Don't be afraid to leave food on your plate!

Help! I'm still hungry!

  1. Wait 20 minutes
  2. Have a big glass of water
  3. Brush your teeth
  4. Have some gum or a mint
  5. Fill up on veggies

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TwinkleBee said...

Kristy I LOVE these kind of posts. Great info, I had heard some of that before but not all. It's nice to have it all in one place. Thanks for sharing. Goes right along with my post of needing a personal trianer :) great minds think alike!