Wednesday, July 23, 2008


When I was 18, I won a blind date on Z100's "Desperate and Dateless".

I was listening to the radio on a Thursday or Friday evening and heard that the guy on Desperate and Dateless would get to take the girl he chose to the Boyz II Men concert. So I called and told them I was 23. I think the guy was 27. The concert was that weekend and my parents were out of town. The guy ended up choosing me! I was so stoked. I met the guy at some cafe in Portland near the concert venue and we walked together. He was some country hick kind of guy with the starts of a mullet going on and wearing a western button up shirt and wranglers (to an R&B concert??). Don't get me wrong, I love a hot guy in a nice pair of wranglers, but you gotta know where to draw the line. This guy wasn't "ugly" per say, but I just remember he wasn't very tall (only a little taller than me 5'4). I had a blast at the concert, screaming my guts out. He just kind of sat there. LOL We had pretty good seats. I think there were just a couple rows back on the 1st set off the floor. It was the first concert I had ever been to and it was AWESOME!

Souvenier Photo we had taken.


Brown Family said...

Ok....I totally remember that. I think you wanted me to go with you but I said no. Sorry about that one. I was so excited for you and thought you were so brave in going with someone you had never met.
Congrats on passing the exam and getting the job. That is awesome. And that means that you will live close. I would love to see you sometime. It has been way too long, don't you think.
Take care

Mama Nash said...

That is so funny! I love your stories! LOL

kapua said...

oh my gosh you crazy chic!!!! i totally am cracking up!!!!! classic pic! i'm so glad we went to maui just to hear all your almost to crazy to be real stories!!