Tuesday, August 26, 2008

baby update

I FINALLY went to the OB for the first time since we moved here on June, 4. Since I am 36 weeks along now, I figured it would probably be best to go asap. I am going to the group that my sister-in-law, Chelsea, went to in Tualatin. Chelsea saw Dr. Allison, but she is not taking new patients with due dates in Sept, so they assigned me to Dr. Burgoine. He was really nice. I gave him copies of my records from HI and he went over my pregnancy history with me. After he realized that my deliveries have been getting shorter and shorter, he immediately wanted to set up my induction for the 16th of Sept. I was shocked! I was actually a little anxious about the thought of it being 1 week sooner. I still don't have a car seat or a stroller to my name. I don't have a lot of stuff ready and together like I normally do. Because we are staying with my parents, I haven't done any "nesting" like I normally do. It's driving me CRAZY! Usually I've redecorated something, or totally cleaned out and reorganized every closet in the house, or insisted that we rip down those ugly brown cabinets in the kitchen and sand them down and paint them (LOL, you couldn't forget that one, could ya Will?) Anyway, Will looked at his work schedule and asked me to find out if we could do it on the 18th so that he could be off work not have to switch anything. Dr. B said I could pick the date anyway, so now I just need to let him know. I go back next Thurs. I can't believe it's so close!!


The Prices said...

yeah!! I am so excited for this one to arrive--does she have a name yet??

Elyse said...

Hey, lady => I have a graco infant seat in my garage that I scrubbed out and washed up a few months ago. You're welcome to use it if you don't get around to getting one in time => I also have a highchair you can borrow if you need one if those too => Wow, that's only a few weeks away!!