Thursday, February 5, 2009

Extreme Bedroom Makeover

Today for Mariah's 9th Birthday, we made over her room. Right after she left for school, we took everything out of the room and then Will painted 2 of the walls light pink. I had found the headboard on craigslist a week ago for $5. It's a vintage, retro-looking, solid wood piece in need of some major TLC. I sanded it down and then primed and painted it black. I've been working on it all week and I love how it turned out!
So I got all the bedding and curtains ready, made the mini heart cakes and ran some errands while Will painted. Luckily, she had Drama Club after school so that gave me a couple extra hours to get it all done, including wrapping her bedroom door in wrapping paper. Anyway, I took some before and afters and did some video. She really liked it.

Out with the old....

Her double door entry

The closet

the hamper and stuffed animals...
My Grandma Woolsey made that quilt when I was a little girl.....not too cute, but she loves it! (Those are ballerina's, in case you couldn't tell =D)

The outside of her bedroom.

In with the NEW!!!

Painted these 2 walls light pink (hard to tell in the pics)

That's the headboard I refinished...nice, eh?!

The much wanted Hello Kitty blanket.
More views of the finished room in the video clip!


rouskafamily said...

THat is so cute? Did you make the bedspread and curtains? She is so sweet and kept saying Thank you what a nice girl you are raising!!! YOu are becoming a professional homewoner, watch out rest of the wall in the house KJ is here!!!! HOLLA. Great JOB I miss you soooooooo!!!

Handi Andi said...

I am huge fan of craigs list, and refinishing what everyone else thinks is junk! That turned out so cute black!Very retro and cool. I like your deal website too! There is little that I love more than a good deal! (Well, besides the fam, but you know what I mean.) We'll have to swap ideas! Darling bedroom!

Erickson Family said...

no I didn't make the bedspread...check my deal blog to read about the sweet deal I got on it at Penney's, aka FREE!! LOL You guys are so sweet. Thanks for the comments!

Megan and Adam said...

Hey the room looks so good! I love the colors and especially the headboard! Mariah was so calm and polite. You can see she is becoming such a good young women. Cute Room!!

Kapua Kai said...

how cuuute!! love the bedspread and curtains-it's the perfect just becoming a lil lady look! now do the rest of your house! :)