Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Poor girl...It's finally happened to me. I swore that I would never fall into that stereotype of "the more kids you get the less pictures you take". I've been really good up till now. I've taken them each to get blessing dress pics around 6 weeks old, then 3 mos old, 6 mos old then 12 mos, then each year until age 5. UGH! She hadn't had one single professional picture done and she's over 4 months old already! I feel really bad. I know what you all are thinking and I can't help it. I don't want my girls to think that I "cared" less about them because they were #5 or whatever in a long line of other kids.

Anyway, here's her first pics. I combined the "blessing dress" and the "3 mos old" sittings. She was SO FUSSY! She is normally such a good baby that I was surprised at how unhappy she was, but Kiddie Kandids always comes through. They did a great job!

Mary Lou came down and spent the day to watch Tatum and Asia while I went. The girls were, of course, ecstatic to come home and find Grandma here. Thanks for helping me out Mom!


Emily said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!! Not that I'm shocked at all with you as her Mama!

Crystal said...

Hey cute cute cute!!! And cute dress ;) love ya!!!

kapua Kai said...

oops! wrong section-still beautiful!! :P