Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I love my new....

Pampered Chef Micro Scraper. This thing is AWESOME! I hate it when there is still product left in the bottom of any container and I can't get to it, no matter how hard I pound it on the counter upside down, or leave it propped upside down. I will sheepishly admit that I keep that hokey "forever sharp" knife around so that I can cut my plastic hand lotion or sunblock containers open when I can't get the last of it out. You seriously wouldn't believe how much is actually left in there when you cut it open. I can use most things for a few more days after cutting it open. And I cut the toothpaste tubes in half when I can't squeeze the last of the paste out. I have a waste not, want not theory!LOL

Anyway...a couple of days ago, I was making some kind of goodies that required Karo syrup and I needed 1 cup. I was just a snitch shy of making 1 full cup and so I whipped out my handy new tool and scraped the rest out. I had more than enough to finish off the cup!! I've also used it to finish out a ketchup bottle and ranch dressing too!!!!! I love this little thing. Funny how such a small thing makes me so happy! =D

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