Sunday, May 3, 2009

Don't you love giveaways?

My cousin "Handi Andi" is having some AWESOME giveaway baskets. Go to to check it out!


Handi Andi said...

Ooh I love you! Thanks for the shout outs! You are in the race. Three entries. Do you have more blogs than that? If so, let me know I will enter you again. Tomorrow is sparkly princess capes. I know you have some sparkly princesses in your house so I will consider you entered three times for those as well. I wish you could have come down for the wedding too. I seriously would have rocked a gift basket for you with some Lehi Roller Mills Germaide. See? Aren't you even more sad you didn't come? I was telling your mom that I keep in contact with you and your family better than I ever did before through this little blogging thing. They just laughed. It was so good to see them. Lots of fun, and your mom convinced me to go and try accupuncture. You better believe I will blog about that when it happens!

*~McGarys~* said...

I love looking at your updates:) Your girls are for sure so cute! I hope that we can make time to come and see you guys if you are going to be this way. Well I can't wait to see your house:) lol