Friday, May 15, 2009

Truman Carnival

The girls school put on a really fun carnival this evening. The girls all had a great time and our neighbor, Alvina, got to come with us. The game tickets were 4/$1.00 and I let them each take $2.00. Each game or activity was 1 or 2 tickets. They were thrilled with all their little trinkets and things!
(These pics were all taken from my blackberry as I left my camera at home. Not too bad, eh?)

Mariah, Brinlee and Alvina (our neighbor)

Alvina, Brinlee, Mariah, Will, Asia and Tatum

Tatum dropping big plastic peanuts into a can

Free balloon animals were a HIT!


MMM! S'mores!

Sucker pull. Each stick had a colored end
and each color was a different prize box.
Tatum played this one 3 times!

Lots of fun!

cruisin' baby...just as usual!

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