Friday, May 15, 2009

I feel empowered

I don't consider myself a very athletic person. I never have. My parents put me into the little leagues (softball, basketball, etc.) when I was younger, but I think it's because all my other sibs did it and they really enjoyed it. I'm not saying that I didn't enjoy it, but I think I'd have rather been dancing or doing gymnastics.
In Junior High and in 9th grade, I joined the volleyball, basketball and softball teams. I wasn't any good at all and never got any playing time unless we were so far ahead of the other team that it didn't matter who played, we'd have won anyway.
In PE, I HATED running. I HATED it when they would make us do laps around that back field behind the Junior High. I ended up walking it most of the time and usually came in last. Sometimes, I would do one lap and then tell the teacher I was having cramps so that I could sit out.
Anyway....long story short, I ended up trying out for cheerleading at the end of my freshman year and did that for the rest of my HS "career".
Fast forward to a few days ago...I was watching The Biggest Loser and the final 4 contestants ran a full marathon. I was so fully inspired from the inside out. When I watched Ron cross that finish line, I was brought to tears. I thought, "they were FAT and OLD! If they can do that, then what's stopping me from doing it?"
So, Will had today off and I decided last night that I was going to run as far as I could possibly run today and then have Will come and pick me up. If I run to a point then turn around and come back, I don't think I could realize the full potential of how far I can go. So I decided to make the Vancouver Mall a point of destination. I didn't know how far in miles that is from my front door, but it seemed like a kind of long distance.
About 20 minutes in, I had just gotten to the top of a pretty steep street (54th Ave, going into that sharp right turn) and I thought to myself...there is NO WAY I am going to make it all the way to the mall, but then I pictured the faces of those BL contestants and how they made it 26.2 MILES and I made myself keep going. It took me almost an hour to get there, but I did it without stopping once (except to cross Andresen road (about 15 seconds). When I called Will to come and pick me up at the mall (I didn't tell him before hand what I was doing), he was like "Why are you at the mall? What's wrong?" LOL
On the drive back home, we "clocked" the distance and it was only 3.2 miles, but I ran the entire way and I feel so accomplished. Part of the time I was thinking, if I can really do this, I can do anything. I want to go a little further each time. I want to go until I can reach that marathon goal. I know it will take a long time to get there, but I am not in a hurry.
I shared my thoughts with Will on the way home and I told him that I want to set a long term goal right now. And here it is..... after I give birth to my last baby (whenever that is) I want to run a full marathon. I don't want to be old and unhealthy. I want to start right now and be as fit as I can for the rest of my life. This is not necessarily about being thin. A lot of times by just being healthy, the thin part comes as a bonus. I also want to be a good example to my girls about making right choices in life. I wish that I had taken it upon myself years ago to realize the benefits of making healthy choices.
My favorite line in the BL finale was from trainier Jillian and she said (to Tara) "You're not going to live the rest of your life without Pita chips. It's about finding a balance".
Thanks for letting me ramble. I just feel so empowered after today. I know that 3 miles in an hour is no great accomplishment to most, but it is today in my book.


Mari said...

We should train together! Maybe we can run marathons in between babies. Although I've still got a ways to go before I can really think about running again so you're already waaaay ahead of me in the athletic department. And I know I maybe could run while I'm pregnant but... sigh. It really won't happen.
I am a total fan of biggest loser as well. Love. That. Show.

*~McGarys~* said...

Well it sounds like a good goal:) Im very proud that you pushed your self to make your self feel so much better:)

Gil, Keli and Dezi said...

You go girl! You've inspired me too! Keep it up.

Megan and Adam said...

Man I don't think I could have done that. I am really out of shape. I loved the BG to and wish I could really eat more healthy and exercise. I think that you have an awesome goal! Congrats!

Elyse said...

AWESOME JOB, LADY!!!! Feels so good to set a personal goal and reach it =) You're AMAZING!!!