Friday, June 26, 2009

Mini Picnic

Even though Asia didn't finish out the school year at Mini School, we were invited to attend the end of the year picnic. (She didn't finish because they weren't out until the 24th and the other girls were done the 17th and I knew I'd be too lazy to get up in the morning just to take Asia to school AND we saved $120 bucks!)
Anyway, it was really cute. They had it at Hazel Dell park and the entire school was invited. There were a TON of people there and a TON of food! It was a potluck. DELISH!

Mariah, Asia, Brinlee, and Tatum

We were getting ready to go and I kept calling Brinlee from across the
playground to stop spinning and come on. When she didn't after a
couple of calls, I went over to find that she couldn't stop. LOL!
She was SO DIZZY when I finally stopped her.

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