Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On the road

Well, we were supposed to leave tomorrow on our 15 day road trip, but Will got MDO'd and so we thought we'd get a head start. The bad news? I hadn't even started packing! I raced around all morning throwing things in and checking my lists. We got hung up at the Wal-Mart pharmacy on the way out of town. I had to have a couple of things filled before leaving. We were there for 2 hours! It was frustrating, but we finally got on the road around 2 pm.

We headed directly south on I-5 toward California to see Megan and Adam first. We just stopped in Medford for dinner. I thought we could save a little money by eating on the Oregon side and not have to pay sales tax. Well that back-fired because Medford has something called "city sales tax". The people of the city of Medford vote for it every year. BOOO! Oh well, it was only a couple bucks.

We are hoping to be at Megan's around midnight or 1. The girls are doing SO WELL! They've slept some and watched movies. They've switched seats a couple of times to keep it interesting and Roxelle is just chillin' in her carseat. Hope this keeps up!!

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