Sunday, June 21, 2009

baby daddy


We ended up spending the night in Woodburn because my mom had a surgery earlier in the week. Since she was supposed to stay down in bed we thought we'd bring her a little entertainment...US! LOL
Will had to work on Saturday, but thankfully had Sunday off. Woodburn 1st Ward gave a cool hand-out. The youth read a scripture with the word "sickle" and then they handed out these bottles of liquid soap with a hard plastic card shoved inside with quotes about "hands". Around the neck of the bottle was a tag that said for each "Pop" in the ward to go to the kitchen after the block of meetings and recieve his "sickle" and they handed out popsicles to all the dads. CUTE!
Will is a dedicated and hardworking husband and father. I feel very blessed to get to share eternity with him!

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