Monday, April 5, 2010

90% sure....

This morning I had my "first trimester screening", which is basically an ultrasound that helps to check for signs of a genetic disorder, such as downs sydrome.
During the ultrasound, I chit-chatted with the tech, hoping he'd take a guess as what the gender is. When I casually asked him, he said; "Well, I've been doing this for 10 years and I've only been wrong 3 times. All 3 times were early gestational guesses. So I've decided not to do that anymore. Sometimes the specialist will be brave enough to take a guess, though." I understood and let it go. After all, I am only 12 weeks and 6 days along.
The screening took about 45 minutes and I enjoyed watching our little peanut wiggle around the probe and wave it's arms and legs. The tech even commented that baby will NOT hold still!
When he was done, he left the room to pass the images along to the specialist. After another 10 minutes, the specialist came in to say that every thing looks great and after the blood work comes back, they'll call with all the results.
I told him that I'd joked with the tech to make an early guess at the gender and the specialist commented that it may still be a little too early. He said he noticed that I have 5 girls already and asked if I was hoping for a boy. I told him that we'd be thrilled with a boy, but that it would almost be easier to have another girl because everything we own is pink and/or flowery, etc. Plus, we already know what to expect with a girl. Boys are just weird! LOL
He said; "Well, I think you'd better get ready for a boy."
I just stared at him, stunned and unsure how to react. He looked at me expecting me to say something and I told him I wasn't sure what to say and that I didn't want to get my hopes up just yet. He said; "If I had to say; I would say that I'm 90% sure that this one's going to be a boy."
I am still in shock and a little bit of denial. We've been saying for so long, even before I got pregnant, that we are pretty sure that we'll have another girl. And we are actually ok with that. I'm not sure how to make my brain think "boy". I'm still not going to "get my hopes up". I need that other 10% certainty before I can allow myself to take that path. Doesn't he know that he can't tell a mother of 5 girls something like that without being 100% sure?!!!!! That's just cruel.

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Andrew and May said...

I'm sorry...I've been there where I kinda want them to just guess and then they do but aren't sure and I'm like kinda then mad at myself and them for going there to begin with...keep your head up. Keep us posted, I'm on pins and needles for you! Love, May