Monday, April 5, 2010

Even more doubt

My sister, Megan, had her ultrasound 4 weeks ago and she was 19 weeks along. Hers revealed that she is having a boy after having 2 girls.
This afternoon she had another ultrasound and the dr. is now telling her that it's a girl! She is 23 weeks now. They compared the pictures of the first ultrasound with today's and one picture clearly looks like a boy and the other clearly shows girl. They showed another OB in the office and he was completely baffled as well.
So the news I received earlier is now even harder to swallow. I cannot even imagine. I still can't wrap my head around any of it!! These next 6 weeks until my next ultrasound are going to D.R.A.G.!!

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jared and megan said...

and they are sure she isn't having twins?!