Monday, May 17, 2010

The Heir

The heir to the Erickson Throne, LIVES!!!!
We are so thrilled that we are having a


I am still in say THE LEAST. Will had to work today (bummer), so I texted him from the ultrasound.

When they first called me back, I got situated, tummy bared and the tech started asking general questions. Then I looked at the monitor as he hit "begin recording" and noticed that wasn't my said Tracy something. I told him that's not my name and he said that he had called "Tracy". I was so embarrased!! I got all tucked back in and headed to the waiting area when he said "You know what? We should just do yours since you're already back here."So I went back in and got all situated again. He asked how many pregnancies and I told him this is the 7th pregnancy, including 1 miscarriage. He asked how many of each gender and I told him all girls. *SHOCK* Then he asked if I wanted him to keep the suspense for a while or just go straight to it. I said straight to it and as he started probing around I said "Well, we kind of feel like it's another girl and we definitely will NOT be disappointed if that's the case!" And then I saw IT....I gasped audibly and squeaked "It's a boy?!?!" He didn't answer right away and I looked at him and said "Is it??" and he grinned and said "Yes it is!!" *SHOOOOCK!!!!!*

The whole time I just laid there in literal shock. I just kept saying, "I can't believe it! I don't know what to do with a (gulp) BOY!!" I texted Will right away saying "it really is a BOY :-O", they were really busy and he called me toward the end of the ultrasound asking "Are they sure? Are you SURE?!!" I said "Yes, I'm sure, I noticed it myself right off and these pictures don't lie". He said "I'm gonna go write it on the break room wipe board, RIGHT NOW!!!"

I know there have been own sister just had this happen to her, which I explained to the tech and he re-assured me with a bunch of different angles and showing me that "here are the arms out to the sides and here are the boy parts right down here". LOL!!! You can see for yourself......

We knew before I was even pregnant that this would be our last baby, regardless of the gender. We really felt like our family was complete already and we honestly would have been just as thrilled with another little girl. We even minutely agonized over the notion that "if it is a boy", we would have to "start over" with our LAST ONE! But we couldn't be more thrilled! (Even though I have to paint over my dream nursery. LOL!)

Oh yeah, they officially changed my due date from 10/12 to 10/2. After the tech measured the tummy he said "I need to measure that again cuz that was quite generous" and after he measured again he said "Man, this is one chubby kid!" Both of my ultrasounds now have estimated my due date as the 2nd and so the Dr. decided to change it officially. Kinda bummed that I won't get my 10-10-10 baby. :D






Anonymous said...

no way!!! super happy for you!!! congrats!

Andrew and May said...

I am sooooooo happy for you. I wish you were close by so you could rub your belly on me and hopefully your baby boy ora will rub off on me! We love you guys and are over the moon happy for you! I have a feeling some baby boy is going to be very spoiled.

*~McGarys~* said...

Colby called me from work and said "Did you know that Will and Kristy were having a boy"? I said YES I just found out today. He was super exited for you guys. He said we need to trade pink for blue. lol