Sunday, June 6, 2010


I have not been able to pinpoint a craving over the last 23 weeks AT ALL. For a while I thought it was peanut butter, but that only lasted a couple of days. Then I thought it was cheese...and I still do get a small craving for it every now and then, but I think I finally pinpointed THEE craving. Cinnamon Toast and/or Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. Most of you know that I don't regularly buy cereal, but Mary Lou showed up here with a Costco box of CTC cereal last week, and I had to limit myself to once a day! LOL I ended up snipping the $2 off coupon from the Costco booklet for CTC and bought another box this week.
Cravings are a funny thing during pregnancy. I have had different ones for every pregnancy.
Mariah = McDonald's kids hamburger and small fries. And Taco Bell Bean burritos. I would take off during lunch from Bon Losee and hit McD's or Taco Bell if I had gotten any tips that day from clients.
Brinlee = Partially frozen RED (any red except raspberry or plain strawberry) Kool-Aid in a freezer mug. One time I came home from work to find that Will and Mariah had drank the rest of the last package we had for the month and I was devastated! LOL
Asia = Potatoes, cooked, fried, baked, poached, microwaved, french fries, potato chips, hash name it! We had baked potatoes several times a week and the family was always like "Potatoes AGAIN?!" My friend, Dotty Walsh, who was also my visiting teacher at the time brought me this potato shaped notepad one month. I hadn't realized until then that it was so obvious!!
Tatum = Spaghetti and baked goods. We lived in Hawaii at the time and had basically unlimited access to the grocery store. I would go practically every other day and get a dozen donuts from Foodland or bake some type of cake. Cake mixes are VERY expensive there (like $2.75 for a Betty Crocker one), so that was a rare treat, but I also loved spaghetti! We had spaghetti at least once a week, which wasn't so bad because we all love it.
Roxelle = No cravings AT ALL! It was SO frustrating! I just wanted to crave something that would satisfy that "craving" bone. For a while I thought it was carrots and ranch or green salad and ranch, but it was fleeting. Then we moved here and stayed with my parents. I never pinned down a craving the entire pregnancy.
So, now that I have found one for this pregnancy, I can rest peacefully at night.....J/K!!!!!!!

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