Friday, November 30, 2007


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Brinlee in her pilgrim hat she made at school :D

I know I posted a blog already after Thanksgiving, but I realized that I didn't make mention of anything about what we did.

I had already been planning on making our traditional Thanksgiving dinner like I have done in the past. I always prepare a turkey and everything. The first year we were on island, we had Ame Frank and one of her friends from the singles ward and our missionaries over. Last year, we were in the middle of moving to our new place, so we had it here with Jason and Jeanette Johns (and Hannah) and Colby and Trisha McGary (and Noah). We hadn't moved any furnitre in, but the old place was full of boxes and all torn apart (plus this place has central air :-}) . So we decided to have it here and the Johns brought a folding table and chairs.

Well, this year we didn't have any big plans, so we decided to invite the missionaries again. The Sunday before Thanksgiving, Kapua (Kai) says to me at church that her parents are off island and her sibs are going with their in-laws and she wanted to take advantage of being able to have Thanksgiving with us since they always get together with family. So we decided to go to their place and since I had already bought 90% of the stuff I needed to make everything, I just made it here and took it there.

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Keli, Kapua (background) Kauwe and Keli's husband.

There turned out to be a pretty good size bunch there. It was the 6 Kai's and our 6. Then Kauwe's Dad and sister, Noweo, came (his mom was outer island), then one of Kapua's sisters, Keli, and her husband came after they went to his family's house. She claimed she wanted a "real" Thanksgiving dinner because her in-laws always have a bunch of "wierd Filipino food". HA HA HA!!! She was being so funny! It was so fun to see her too, because she had just given birth on October 24-ish to their first baby, a TINY little boy with massive amounts of thick black hair!!! He is so precious! They named him Desi.

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Taylin, Noweo, and Naysa/Kauwe's Dad/Kristy, Desi, Tatum, Will, and Aleena

Anyway, we were all excited for Tatum to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, being the little "garbage gut" that she is, but she was so miserable from having had something with dairy in it the day before Thanksgiving, that she didn't want to eat anything. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket. Plus she just whined and fussed the ENTIRE time.

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One of Tatum's (very) short lived happy moments... CHEESE!

The food was great and the company was excellent and I couldn't have planned it better myself!

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You'd have thought they were settled in to watch some football (NOPE, just posing)

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