Saturday, January 5, 2008

More Hula video clips

I know, I am slow! Here are a couple more video clips from their hula performances last month. These ones are from their Christmas performance at the Polynesian Cultural Center over in La'ie. Here's a link to my youtube account so you can view more video clips if you like.

Brinlee can shake her 'elemu (booty) pretty good, but Asia kinda dances to the beat of her own drum!!

(Brinlee is in the back row, kind of in center screen, Asia is on her left. Half way through the girl in front of Asia moves in front of Brinlee so you can see them both individually for a minute.)

This is the final act in the show featuring the entire studio dancing together. It is called Ua Mau and it's one of my favorite numbers! After they finish dancing they sing We Wish You A Merry Christmas and then give a warm ALOHA!

(Brinlee and Asia are in the blue and white outfits. In the foreground in the center is Liana Kai, Kauwe and Kapua's oldest daughter. When I pan across to Mariah in pink and green, She is on the very end in the 2nd row. Sorry the quality isn't very good.)


chelsea said...

Loved the dancing! The cultural experience for you all there in Hawaii has got to be priceless. There is nothing more exhilarating than learning of another culture! About the Jones Blog...FANTASTIC idea! I'm in!

The Prices said...

I am so excited to know where your blog is now. London is going to flip out when she sees it. She misses Mariah. I love you family photos too. You guys look great.

Annice said...

Thanks for writing this.