Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Year's Cont.

I started that post a while ago, and then got distracted and realized today that it never got published. I have pictures and such to go with it so here goes.

We spent it with the Kai Family here in Ewa. I would have to say it rates right there at the top for the best New Years we've ever had!!! The fireworks were unreal. The kids started sparklers and ground blooms around 7 and continued until almost 11. They were in and out of the house too, but there were so many fireworks to light, there was no scrimping here. We saved all the big ones for midnight. We didn't stop lighting until about 1:15 am! The entire neighborhood almost looked like it was on fire. There was so much smoke! They told us at 4th of July time that it doesn't even compare to New Years and they were RIGHT! Some neighbors close by had some of those (illegal...shhhh) aerial ones that were really cool.

Tatum and Aleena were sound asleep around 11:40 and missed the whole thing. Which was probably fine by Tatum because she was a nervous wreck all evening. She was clinging and being so funny.

It wasn't cold out, but the kids got all excited when I told them to grab a jacket (from the dark corner of the closet) and then insisted on wearing them all evening LOL!

I have all these "posts" floating around in my head that I have been meaning to sit and put on here, but I've been so busy lately, I have barely been checking my email. I will try to get to it soon! We only have 4 more months and about a week left here. Sad and exciting all at once!

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