Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Baptism Preview

This past Sunday the ward did a baptism preview for all the kids that will be turning 8 this year. We left Asia and Brinlee with Andrea Allen and just took Mariah and Tatum. Tatum had gone to nursery for the first time that day, even though she is still 17 months, and she'd had enough trauma for one day.
Anyway, the program was really cute. They had several primary teachers and the presidency give small talks about baptism, confirmation, how the baptism will actually work, and then about scouts/activity days.
Mariah turns 8 on Feb 5 and that will be her first activity days activity. She is SO excited!
While we were at the meeting. Tatum was playing with the program that had a pencil sketch cariacature of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus. Tatum brought it over to me and was saying Deeshuh, Deeshuh. I couldn't figure out what she was saying until she pointed to the front of the program and said it again. I asked Will if he taught her that and he said no. I couldn't believe that she was recognizing Him, especially since it wasn't a real painting or photo. Then when I pointed to John the Baptist, she called him Daddy. LOL!!

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