Saturday, April 12, 2008

more words

Tatum is turning into quite the little comedienne. It seems like she is keeping us in stitches almost all day. Even when she's not around, I find myself chuckling just thinking of some of the silly stuff she says and does! I kind of do that with all the kids. Sometimes I'll be in the cereal aisle of Wal-Mart giggling to myself about something that one of the kids had said or done, and I'm there all by myself!

Tatum has started saying a few new "phrases". Her latest and favorite (CONSTANTLY) is "hoppee-dow". She says this when she is in the wagon at the store or in a stroller and wants to "hop down". She just repeats it over and over, even if you are telling her no, she is relentless! Her other one is "upee-do". This is what she says when she wants up. She wants us to hold her all the time lately and, let me tell you, she is not of slight framework. That girl is a CHUB-A-LUBBA! She is not easy to lug around, but we love all her cute little chubbiness!

I am in the middle of sewing Mariah's baptism dress and it is turning out to be way more over my head than I originally anticipated. Plus, my machine isn't a very high quality model and could probably use a new needle. I was starting to think that I am just not cut out to be a seamstress, but my cousin, Rachel ( twinklebee ) posted this AWESOME blog with tips on the best way to go about choosing and buying a new machine. One of the things she mentioned was that most people that are inexperienced sewers, like ME, and start out on cheap machines and then think sewing is really hard and not fun at all and give up. Well, that hit the nail on the head for me. I am hoping that all is not lost and I can save up for a better machine and then really test my seamstress abilities. This machine has been fine for making little baby blankies and stuff for my kids, but I need to something more for bigger projects. This dress I am making uses Georgette fabric and it keeps getting all gummed up in the machine. GRR! Hopefully people won't be pointing and laughing when she comes to church in it! SAD!


Rachel said...

Hi Ericksons! It is so fun to look in on your cute + growing family. Hawaii looks like such a blast. Hope all is well.

The Prices said...

You are better than me! I am just going to buy London a dress--speaking of which I better get to it since it is less than 3 weeks away!!!

TwinkleBee said...

Hey, Thanks for your comments, on your blog and mine :) I know what a headache I was having on a friends machine before I got my own, and also what a process it was to choose a machine, so thought I'd share the knowledge :) Don't give up sewing, someday you'll get a dream machine and it will be all you'll want to do! Lots of love!