Sunday, March 22, 2009

Brinlee's Birthday

She was absolutely giddy all day! Especially since I let her wear her "high heels" to church today. She has these brown high heeled wedge sandals from HI that she begs me to wear every week. I can't explain to her that she can't wear sandals in the snow! She just doesn't get it, so today when I said "yes", she squealed with delight!
Will and I had to speak in church today on the blessings of General Conference. I was grossly ill prepared, but Will did a fabulous job! Mine went alright, but I know I could have prepared better. Brinlee was on cloud 9 after Primary. She was clutching her goody bag they gave her when she came out of her class. She is so funny!
She opened her gifts before church and then requested German pancakes, bacon, sausage and toast for her dinner. Then they decorated their own cakes. It was great!

The book that Mariah made for her.

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