Saturday, March 21, 2009

Extreme Bedroom Makeover; Part 2

Since Brinlee's birthday is tomorrow (Sunday), I spent all day yesterday making over her bedroom while she was at school. She walked home with her friend, Annika Hamilton, after school to give me some more time. Will wasn't scheduled to work, but he got called in and we decided he should probably take it since he hasn't had an extra shift all week. So Mary Lou, Chelsea and Hannah, Monica and Rennick and my mom all came to help me out! They were AWESOME! They helped with the kids and lunch and some painting. They also helped me with the blanket project I bought off eBay for $1.99!! (Pics of that tomorrow =D) Thanks for all your help, ladies!!!

I forgot to get the "before" pics before I started. (LOL)

More views of the room on the video.
(The video is kinda dark at first, but gets brighter in the middle part)


Handi Andi said...

Very cool room! What a huge difference color makes on the walls. It looked like an entirely different space. I need you to come to my house and a do a color consult. I am so chicken that it will look bad that most of my walls are still white. Sounds like it was a fun family party.

Mari said...

Fabulous makeover! As I'm looking for ways to decorate our house I'm realizing that... um... I stink at home decor. I can't committ to anything! I need to just get brave and do stuff. I know that pretty much everything can be reversed, I just need to go for it!

TwinkleBee said...

The room rocks!!! Love the bedspread! only $1.99.... you need to help me decorate my house when I finally get into one. I love the projects that you do with your girls like the sock mending. Great skilz you're teaching them!

Elyse said...

She's ADORABLE!! I can't believe you did all that in one day!! It looks amazing=)