Saturday, March 14, 2009


After Chandra's baptism (which was beautiful), we went to eat at Pietro's Pizza in Longview. It was really fun and the restaurant was practically empty. Then we all went back to Grandma's house for Christmas gifts. That's right, I said
With all the crazy weather that we had over the holidays this past year, we never got to really have Christmas together. Mary Lou ended up coming down on New Years Day and gave our girls some gifts, but apparently she had some "co-cousin" gifts that she'd been hanging on to until we were all together at her house, which hasn't happened (surprisingly) until now. The kids were elated (sorry to spoil your b-day glory Chandra... =<). She got them all of these things to keep at her house. There was a cute little kitchen set complete with food, dishes, utensils, bakeware, a table, 8 chairs/stools, and a whole bunch of other accessories and things.

Will and Roxelle @ Pietros

Sorry the pics are so blurry. I didn't have my camera, so I had to use Mary Lou's. BOO!

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