Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

Saturday was spent up in Rainier at Grandma "E"s house. There was a massive egg hunt that included a special "dairy free" room for Tatum. We had a great time just hanging out with the family.

Then on Sunday morning, the girls got up around 6 and hunted for Easter eggs. They had fun finding them in all the crazy places that the bunny hid them. A couple days ago they were speculating with each other where they would be hidden and Asia said "Wouldn't that be funny if there was one in the light?!" and then he actually hid one there! There's a picture of Daddy retrieving it on the slide show. LOL!
At 7, I got Roxelle up and she was totally dis-oriented! Poor thing didn't know what to think of all the commotion. The Easter Bunny brought her a dolly. It's pretty cute. It is motion sensitive, so it coo's and crawls on hands and knee's when there's movement in it's path.
After church, we went to Woodburn for Easter dinner with the family. Chelsea's mom is in town from Montana and so it was nice to visit with her, as well.
Grandma Jones had staged an egg hunt. She did the living room with "dairy-free" filled eggs for Hannah and Tatum and regular stuff in the family room for the older 3. They had so much fun!

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kapua said...

awww! how cute!!! lil tatum is so big!! so good too see my haole girls- i love watching your vids-they're too short!!