Monday, April 6, 2009



I took the cutest pics of the girls going to school this morning. Mariah was wearing the Justice brand top that Alexa gave her and her darling black skirt with black leggings and Justice knee-highs and I accidentally DELETED the pics of her.....BOOOOO HOOOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! I am sick about it, not because of the outfit, though, because she was smiling and looking directly at the camera with her eyes OPEN!! She has the hardest time keeping her eyes open while getting pics taken. UUUUGH! I am so mad at myself.
Here are the ones of Brinlee. She looks very cute, too. Grandma took her into the Justice Outlet in Lincoln City and let her pick out one outfit for her b-day that was a couple weeks ago. This is what she picked..... (def. not my first choice, but I am learning that each of my girls has their own taste).
I managed to not delete the pic I took of Mariah walking out the door. Green Converse with polka dot knee highs?! Well, she definitely has her own taste, too. =D

Man, I'd kill to rock some over-the-knee socks!

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*~McGarys~* said...

Cute pics! I tired to comment on M's Blog but it would not let me?