Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mini Easter

I got to help with Asia's Easter party at Mini School. It was fun and they did some cute projects, like the little bunny head band she is wearing. Tatum got to do one, too. In fact, she was sitting at the little coloring table and said "Mom. Mom. Mom. Look, Mom" (idk why she always has to say my name a million times, even when I'm sitting right next to her AND acknowledging that she is speaking to me). Anyway, I looked and she had written her name in crayon at the bottom of her picture. OMGsh!!! I didn't teach her that!! I mean, it wasn't the most perfect formation of letters I'd seen and they were a little bit out of order (both T's were first and then a-u-m), but still. I was going to save it and scan it in, but I must've left it on the table. DANG!

As a side note, I am really frustrated with Mini School right now. I had planned to start Tatum there this fall since she will turn 3 in Aug. I like the girls to get 2 years of pre-school in before they start Kindergarten. Anyway, they have a policy that they have to be 3 by July 31st and be completely potty trained. UUUUGH! She's been potty-trained forever AND she only misses the cut-off by 24 days AND (ANNND!) the girl can write her own stinkin' name already!! GRRRRrrrrr! Why don't they follow the school cut-off. Don't they know that she'll be starting Kindergarten in 2 years??? So I did talk to the head gal and she said they hold pretty strict to their policy, but I did get her to say that she could enter if they were low on enrollment. I am crossing every finger and toe.

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Mari said...

I hope Tatum gets into school! She certainly sounds ready.
And I meant to tell you that your hair looked super cute at church today! I thought it but never got a chance to say it so there ya go.