Friday, January 1, 2010


We had planned to stay out of the sun today since everyone got fried crispy yesterday, but the Kai's had decided that they were going to pack up and go to the beach, which happens to be a rare occurance. So, we decided to go, too. Brinlee went with a rash guard on and a warning to stay in the shade as much as possible. We went to Ko'Olina, AGAIN, cuz Obama is still here for the holidays and our favorite beach in Kailua has been shut down because that's near where he's staying. :( BOOO!

Sweet Sisters

Fun in the sand

Baywatch? LOL j/k


Random shots

Not sure of the big scary sand turtle

Do you like it? NOOO! Do you like it?? WAAAAAHHH!

Tiny surfer girl! (Aleena)

Naysa (Sweet n Spicy!)

Upset because she was told to stay out of the
sun for a little longer.
"BUT, hmph, it's NOT faaaaiiiiirrrrrr!"

Kauwe let them each take a turn launching off his shoulders.

Her beloved coral

Roxelle and Kristy

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