Friday, January 1, 2010

Brand New

My first "tweet" on Twitter this morning is:
"Well, I guess 8 is sleeping in for my kids.
GOOD Morning! It's a new day, new leaf,
new start, new year. Make it count!"

We had such a fantastic time last night. Too bad it rained off and on, but that didn't damper the firework popping. The kids didn't care that they were soaked. We were up in Mililani with Kapua's sister, Keli's in-laws. Mililani is more up in mountains, so we got some rain and it is much cooler up there. Lucky all our girls are 'similar' in size or thereabouts, so we could borrow some long pants and light jackets for the kids.

The food and company was amazing! Keli's in-laws are Filipino, so there was so much good food! Love it! Naturally, it was potluck, so we took a pumpkin-haupia pie from Dave's. It actually didn't get eaten since there was already so much food, so we brought it home for Kauwe's going away party on Sunday.

There's so much to say, so I think I'll let the pictures do the talking. (Everyone, except me, got burned so bad at the beach yesterday. :( It's owie!)

Mariah (The Tween-ager)

Brinlee in action

Asia is freezing as usual!

Tatum avoiding the water at all costs.

Roxelle, the cruiser.

Beach Babe :D


We were at the beach for over 5 hours. Will and the girls got a little (actually, a lot) sunburned :(. Roxelle fell asleep on the beach about a 1/2 before we were planning to leave and I couldn't bear to wake her. She ended up sleeping for over another hour past our planned departure. The girls were SO ready to go home and get ready for the party. I felt bad for making them wait, but I feel even worse now that they are burnt crispy.

Sleep is a precious commodity on this trip.

We stopped at Foodland (our regular grocery store, around the corner from our old house) to grab the Pumpkin Haupia Pie. I couldn't resist snapping these pics. It's hard for me to believe the prices when I'm standing right there looking at them, let alone trying to tell someone about it later.

Milk has gone up from $7.97 since we lived here....RIDICULOUS!!

Seriously, who buys sushi that has been sitting out on a table for who knows how long??!!??

There were too many pictures from last night to choose, so I decided to put them together on a slide show. Enjoy!

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