Saturday, January 2, 2010


Today, we really did need to stay out of the sun, so we decided to go shopping at the Outlets in Waikele. I didn't have anything good to wear to church tomorrow, so that is mainly what we were shopping for. We scored some awesome winter weather wear at Old Navy. I got some cute sweaters for $10. They had their $80 Wool Pea Coats for kids marked down to $20, too. Such a smokin' deal!!
After shopping we ran a few errands and then went to Dave's Ice Cream. MMMMMMmmmmmmmmm!!!!!! Heavenly! It was everything I remember it to be. :)

Will and Brinlee ordering


Mariah and her coconut shave ice... (ooo, but she has pumpkin
flavored ice cream under it. MMMMM!)

Such a GOOF!

Roxelle trying to steal a bite of Asia's with the
spoon in her hand (she had just pulled it away
when I snapped the pic, so you can't tell she
has one in her hand)

OOOOOO!!! Dave's Ice Cream is the BEST!!

Tonight, Kauwe and Kapua wanted to go out one last time before he leaves on Monday. We kept all the girls here so that they can spend some quality time together. It’s going to be so hard to be a single mom for 4 months. 5 girls is a lot of work!!
I decided it would make tomorrow morning easier to get ready if I braided the girls’ hair tonight. We are going to try and take some family pics at Ko’Olina in the morning before church. The meeting starts at 1, so we should have plenty of time if we can get through the morning o.k. I didn’t think it would take as long as it did to braid 8 heads of hair, but at 10:15, I was just finishing up. (We started around 7). It will be worth it in the morning though. I’m exhausted today. I need to get some more sleep! (Sleep, schmeep, right?! We’re in HAWAI’I!!!)

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